Farji: Wanted to make a film on this story 8 years ago, Shahid Kapoor revealed about ‘Farji’

Shahid Kapoor is making his OTT entry soon with ‘Farji’. Vijay Sethupathi and Rashi Khanna will be seen in this film.

Shahid Kapoor

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Shahid Kapoor web series ‘fake’ He is about to make his debut in the world of OTT, during which he made many interesting revelations about the series. Shahid says it’s a great start to 2023. It’s New Year’s Eve. I was very happy when I heard that we are going to launch our show on February 10. When we started thinking about this topic, there was a time when not everyone talked about OTT and today almost everyone thinks of OTT more than movies.

Shahid also said that “I also watched two seasons of Family Man One-Family Man Two on OTT and loved it. When we used to talk, ‘Forgey was a film’. When we talk about this film, I ask him that the film is good but what are you doing in the show? After listening to me, he asked me, do you really want to work in a show? Then I said yes of course, I want to do it and I really wish I could work on a show with all of you because I love your work so much.

Shahid Kapoor revealed

Talking more about Fergie, Shahid Kapoor said that the most surprising thing between us was that “we talked about a film 8 years ago. But I’m glad it’s going to be a series. Fergie’s best thing I think is our dream series. I mean it’s our dream series and I think we both did full justice to it. Farzee’s first season is about two and a half films long.

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Shahid will play the role of Sunny

Shahid also said that people like it. So we will produce two and a half thousand more such films in the future. That means we will continue to make series like this. I am playing the role of ‘Sunny’ in this serial. I think this is just the beginning for Sunny.


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