Watch Video: Erika Erika Putri Viral Prank Ojol On Tiktok, Twitter, Reddit

Twitter is a platform where we can express our thoughts and views on any viral topic. Sometimes the account of some users also get suspended as there are many rules and regulations has been set for this platform which is not supposed to break by the users of it but still many people do it and their account get suspended. However, at this time we do not come here to talk about the suspected account of any famous personality but we are coming here to talk about the video which is getting trending on it and people are even sharing it on other platforms as well.

Erika Putri Viral Video

Erika Erika Putri Viral Prank Video

Fortunately, this time the video is not related to bold and erotic content, and this time it is funny and that is why people are talking about it. With this viral video, Erika Putri has become a sensation on the web and people are only talking about her and watching the video again and again. Admirers can’t look to get sufficient of her relatable and humorous content. Now after watching her name in trends we came here to talk about it and we will share the details of her viral video and what kind of prank she did and with whom.

Erika Putri is a quite popular personality on social media and is usually known for her comic and hilarious prank videos. Recently, she posted a video on her account that later on went viral on other platforms as well and people make it a trending video. Now it is a trending topic then it is obvious that we will talk about it and look at what she has done in the video. In her latest prank video, she plays a joke on an Ojol driver and posted it on social media. Admirers of Erika Putri can’t look to get sufficient of her antics and have been keenly searching for more information about her.

In the video, she played a prank on the Ojol driver by pretending that she has lost her phone and asking him to help her. The driver gets worried about her phone and helped her to find it but she disclose that she was pranking him and here it is her phone. Then she posted this video on her social media account and later on, it went viral on other platforms as well and admirers are enjoy watching it and praising her for her comic timing. Those who have not watched the video, can find it on Twitter and enjoy watching it. The video has already got millions of views and people are not getting over watching it again and again.

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