Elle Edwards Parents: Meet Her Father Tim Edwards and Mother Gaynor

There are many people who are currently searching for Elle Edwards. She is the victim of a mass shooting that happened on Christmas Eve last year. Such cases show that they leave many serious impacts on the lives of the victims’ families even after many years the pain of losing your loved ones can never heal. Something is similarly happening with the father of Elle Edwards who is still mourning the demise of their daughter. Elle was assassinated on Christmas Eve, on 24th December 2022 in the mass shooting that occurred at the Wallasey bar.

Elle Edwards's Parents

Who are Elle Edwards’s Parents?

This day was supposed to be a day of commemoration, but it has appeared as the most devastating day for the Edwards family. She was a beautician by profession and was shot in the head at the Lighthouse bar in Wallasey Village. She left the house in order to celebrate Christmas even with her friends but her family never thought that they would not able to see her again. The police authorities lodged the case and started the murder investigation of the 26-year-old deceased. During the investigation, the police authorities took 3 individuals in custody for the lethal mass shooting that occurred in a Merseyside pub.

Elle Edwards's Parents

On the other side, the devastated father of Edwards is taking part in the movement or we can say the walking challenge supporting a project called “Weapons Down, Gloves Up.” The main reason for this challenge is to protect against the weapons which caused the death of many people. Other than that people are also looking to know the family details of the victim. Elle Edwards who is the victim of The Wallasey Pub Shooting was the daughter of Gaynor Edwards and Tim Edwards. She also has a sister named Lucy.

Elle Edwards's Parents

The tragic death of Elle Edwards and the Wallasey Pub Shooting have accumulated significant media attention. Recently, the sad father of the victim is still shattered by her death and states that things “had to change” as he campaigned against knife and gun crime. With the aim in order to make a change, the father of the victim is participating in the walking challenge in order to raise money for the Guns to get down and the initiative Gloves up. Actor John May acknowledges several knife and gun crimes in Liverpool: most individuals engaged in such crimes are financially inactive. The actor described that several young individuals join gangs for loyalty. The main aim of this walking challenge is to help youngsters not become part of gangs.

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