WATCH: El Galvancillo leaked video scandal explained

Not only social media users but many website owners are also interested in covering the news related to viral videos and that is why they always look in search of such news. So they don’t need to search more as the latest viral video is trending online and it is related to the famous Tiktok star, EI Galvancillo. As per the latest report, the famous Tiktoker’s Instagram Id has been hacked and his fans are quite worried about it. Not only this much explicit content has been posted from his account. The reports state that a number of questionable Instagram stories’ posts increased the possibility that his account had been hacked.

El Galvancillo

El Galvancillo leaked Video

This content creator is quite active on social media platforms and that is why when his fans and followers watched the s**ual pictures and other NSFW stuff on his account, they were getting shocked and began trolling him. Galvancillo even did not know about it but his fans informed him during the TikTok live session. As per the reports, at the time of the Tiktok live session, a follower informed the TikTok star and his girlfriend about the pictures being shared or posted via his Instagram account. The response of El Galvancillo to the supposedly compromised account was also captured.

El Galvancillo

Well, this news brought him into the news and somewhere helped him to add more followers on other social media accounts. The reports state that Galvancillo was stunned when he watched the leaked content and instantly cut down his live session. The breath was fastly found by admirers, who fastly spread the story on social media accounts, where many social media users requested him to delete his posts. As soon as he gets to know about it, the Puerto Rican influencer was able to delete all the offensive material from his stories. He instantly removed the content that was posted from his account after learning about it and he even talked about it.

El Galvancillo

He posts an article in order to address the matter. Galvancillo states that the act had been performed in “bad taste” at the same time. He informed his fans that his staff is trying to get back his account and he appealed to his fans to have patience until the drama is resolved. At this moment, it is not known how his account got hacked and who posted NSFW stories on his IG account. Now, due to this controversy, he became the subject of search on the web and people are looking to know more about him. The 24-year-old influencer has accumulated a huge fan following on Tiktok after posting many videos on his account.

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