Dineo Ranaka Boat Accident: South African radio personality party ship sinks

South African radio personality Dineo Ranaka hosted a cruise party last month. But it resulted in her losing fame for her and becoming unpopular. But why? What happened on the cruise? Dineo Ranaka is mainly known as a radio personality, television presenter, DJ, TV producer, and actress. What do you understand about partying on a cruise over a weekend? Normally, people want to have unlimited fun for a couple of days but it became a nightmare for many who coughed out thousands of Rands for a memorable trip. Thus, we mentioned that Dineo Ranaka became unpopular after shooting a disastrous cruise party. In this article, we have explored this story and discussed all the imperative points. So be sticky with this page and must go through the following sections. Drag down the page and take a look below.

Dineo Ranaka Boat Accident

Dineo Ranaka Boat Accident

Reportedly, Dineo Ranaka’s cruise trip started from Durban to the Portuguese Island. It was a 4-day trip that started on January 27 and return on January 30. The “Crusie With Dineo and Friends” started at the MSC New Durban Harbour. It was all set to come back on January 30. But the experience was horrible for revellers who claimed it was their worst trip so far. Many also remarked it was a total waste of money. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Dineo Ranaka Boat Accident

There were numerous hosts on the cruise. One of the hosts was Dbn Gogo. Many revellers said that the itinerary was never followed but people got drunk which frustrated them. In addition, no themed party took place. Furthermore, a source from the travelling party said one Dogg Dbn was so drunk that he could not reach his sleeping deck by himself. Meanwhile, Dbn Gogo shared her experience on Twitter where she wrote, “Yal really thought I was whyling for free the whole weekend. I’m telling you we were enslaved on a ship!”

Dineo Ranaka Boat Accident Dineo Ranaka Boat Accident

The next who share their own experience was Lehleeza who wrote, “u Driver was roundish. Nix iPortuguese Island. I’m telling you big scam.” According to some partygoers, organisers failed them especially when it came to planning and logistics. “At some point, it felt like we were at Park Station during the festive season, it took us a while to find our bookings  and our room allocations, and most of the time we were just hungry but eventually we had to make peace with our situation “

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