Did Stuart Cable Suicide? Meet Drummer Wife Nicola Cable

Who is Stuart Cable? Who is his wife, Nicola Cable? People want to know more about her. Did Stuart Cable suicide? You will get complete details about Stuart Cable in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Stuart Cable

Who was Stuart Cable?

Stuart Cable was completely drowned in alcohol. He was said to be a former member of Stereophonics. He was so much drunk that he was choked and vomiting. It was toxic for his body and quite dangerous. According to sources, he was said to be consuming Chinese takeout and later, he was said to be involved in binge drinking at a near bar. many people were concerned about her health as he was said to be suffering from mental health issues. He was also said to be having suicidal thoughts. Despite it, his death is said to be accidental. Many people are also saying that he suicided.

Stuart Cable

Did Stuart Cable Suicide?

There is not any confirmed news that Stuart commit suicide. His death is said to be accidental. He has not committed suicide. He is said to be involved in high levels of alcohol consumption. There were no suicide notes found. People want to know more about his wife, Nicola Cable.

Stuart Cable

Who Is Nicola Cable?

Nicola Cable was Stuart’s wife. People want to know more about her. Stuart often mentions his love for his wife, Nicola. They both were in a relationship for a long time. They got married in 1999. She always supported him in his career and personal life. There was a tough time when Stuart left his band. She was with him at that time also. However, they both get separated in 2003.

What Was The Reason Behind Stuart’s Death?

Stuart passed away as his throat was choked during vomit. He has binge drinking that leads to choking and sudden death. He was currently living with his partner, Rachel Jones who found him lying dead on the flooring of their home in Llwydcoed immediately reported. She found him lying on the floor early morning. She came downstairs and saw that he was not responding to her. She was picked up and ran towards the street. She waved towards the first car coming on the road. The car was of Aaron Cable Who is Stuart’s cousin. He was going to work. Aaron came inside and push his back and tried to revive him. He was declared dead at the hospital. This was all about Stuart Cable. Stay tuned for more details.

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