Is Destiny Etiko Dead or Still Alive? Death Hoax Debunked

Netizens have been thrown into a frenzy to search for Destiny Etiko’s existence. People are scrounging the web articles to verify the facts that are claiming the Nigerian actress has passed away. According to the rumors, Nigerian actress Destiny Etiko lost her life after involving in an accident. Is it true? We have responded to the rumors claiming Destiny Etiko’s death, in the further sections. There are many people who are eager to know what happened to Destiny Etiko. Was Destiny Etiko involved in an accident? Numerous questions are swiveling among netizens. However, we have come up with this article to make our readers informed about this happening. Readers are asked to stick with this page for a while, as we have discussed all the imperative aspects regarding this news. Kindly drag down the page to take a peek at the further given sections.

Destiny Etiko

Is Destiny Etiko Dead or Still Alive?

Before talking about Destiny Etiko’s accident news and death rumors, let us introduce her to you. She is a famous Nigerian actress who found fame and prominence for acting in the movie Idemili. She is from Enugu State where she was born on August 12, 1989. It won’t be wrong to claim that Destiny Etiko is among the most acknowledged actresses of Nollywood. She has won numerous accolades and critics’ acclamations like City People Entertainment Award and City People Movie Award. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Destiny Etiko

We are not denying the fact that Destiny Etiko was not involved in an accident but her death rumors are not legit. She is not dead. Actress Destiny Etiko is still alive. We debunk the news of her accidental demise. The actress was involved in a motor vehicle accident but she did not lose her life. In addition, the actress was not alone when suffered an accident, she was with film producer Kevin Uvo. But this incident dates back to 2021. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Destiny Etiko

The video which is sparking rumors about Destiny Etiko’s accidental death is fake. The video shows visuals from her past accident. Destiny Etiko is still alive. This article contradicts the rumors that are spreading Destiny Etiko’s death news. In fact, Destiny Etiko also addressed her fake death news. She posted a video on Youtube to address this issue. Thus we advise you to not spread her fake death rumors. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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