WATCH: Davinder Kaur Brampton Video caught on camera, sparks outrage online

A heart-chilling video has surfaced on the internet from Canada. The shocking video shows a woman who was of Indian descent brutally slayed in Sparrow Park in Brampton. Netizens who have come across the video, have been left disturbed after watching the evil act. It is very shameful for the country’s people as a person who traveled millions of kilometers to live in their country was killed there. The victim was identified as Davinder Kaur. She was 43 years of age. Ever since Davinder Kaur’s video surfaced on social media it has been causing a whirlwind and taking over the internet by storm. People have been outraged. Obviously, the original video can be shared we have explained the matter in detail in the following sections. You are asked to stick with this page and must go through this article till the end.

Davinder Kaur Brampton Video

Davinder Kaur Brampton Video

As per the reports, Davinder Kaur was stabbed and killed near Cherrytree Dr. and Sparrow Crt. in Brampton. This horrendous attack happened on May 19, 2023. The final moments of the viral video were quite gruesome as the woman was screaming with pain. Shamefully, the video showing the suffering of the woman was also shared on social media. Meanwhile, people have cringed in horror too. Scroll down the page.

When the woman was stabbed, someone recorded the incident instead of helping the woman. Madhu Purnima Kishwar who is a professor and human rights activist remarked on this incident as “Truly disturbing” and she said to her millions of followers on Twitter that Davinder Kaur’s video shows she is covered in her own pool of blood after the attack. In the video, a man can be heard saying in another language and yelling at her. Continue reading this article and know more about Davinder Kaurb.

Reportedly, Davinder Kaur was a resident of Brampton and she was the mother of four children. Reportedly, Davinder Kaur was married to Nav Nishan who was estranged for the last 6 months, has been arrested nearby. Joe Warmington from Canada said the chilling scene at Sparrow Park Brampton, the sight of the heinous slaying of Davinder Kaur,43, mom of 4. Her estranged husband was charged with first-degree murder. More than a week after this disgraceful stabbing, there are remnants of the first responders frantically trying to save her life. The video is humiliating, obscene, and grotesque. A fundraiser has been started on behalf of Kaur’s family. Kaur’s sister Lakhwinder Singh said, “Please help with her kids and the funeral, it is a very sad day for us.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Davinder Kaur Brampton Video

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