China’s despicable activity of erecting permanent tents near LAC, PLA Pangong Lake has resumed

China is considering India as its biggest rival, so it is doing things repeatedly so that India makes some mistakes and then China can take advantage of it on the global stage.

A report claims that the Chinese army is setting up tents near Pangong Lake. (file image)

China is not deterred from its abominations. He is repeatedly doing such things that the wall of hatred between the two countries becomes stronger. A few days ago the soldiers who stood in the front line of the disputed point were pushed back. But the information coming in now is even more shocking. The Chinese Army is busy constructing a shelter near Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh. This is the same area where the conflict took place and after which the armies of both countries agreed to withdraw under the agreement.

Just a week ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping was elected as the country’s supreme leader for the third time. He got the video of Galwan Valley violence during the CPC meeting. After this, it was tried to say that the Chinese army inflicted heavy losses on the Indian army. However, this is far from reality. China considers India as its biggest rival, so it is always doing things so that India makes some mistake and China can take advantage of it.

Chinese tents have started to be erected in the disputed area

China is pitching its tent in the disputed area from behind. When Chinese troops withdrew from LAC and Pangong Lake, they went to their military garrison in Rutog County. Now the Chinese army is increasing the logistic support base for the soldiers in this cantonment. According to sources, the Chinese Army has prepared more than 85 new shelters in Rutog County Cantonment within 20 days. It is seen as the largest logistics support base of the Chinese military. There are also more than 250 temporary shelters.

Love on one side, conspiracy on the other

A day earlier, China’s top diplomat in Bangladesh, Li Ziming, said that his country has no “strategic enmity” with India and does not want to see a “stack of heavy weapons” in the Bay of Bengal. Li also said that India and China can work together to resolve any economic, geopolitical and other issues in the region and beyond. He said, ‘Personally, I am a big fan of India. We can work together to solve economic and geopolitical problems. The statement came as Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar responded to the taunts of the Chinese ambassador to India.

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