Cervical cancer kills one woman every eight minutes, find out how to prevent it

Cervical Cancer Treatment: Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women worldwide. This cancer is caused by human papilloma virus. 25% of cervical cases occur in India.

Cancer is very dangerous

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Cervical Cancer: Worldwide In case of cancer Increasing every year. Due to this, the number of dead is also increasing. There are many types of cancer. These include breast cancer in women and Cervical cancer In most cases it comes. One in every 53 women in India is affected by this cancer. However, most of its cases are reported in advanced stages. This happens due to lack of knowledge about the symptoms.

Vaccines are also available to prevent cervical cancer in India. This vaccine is for the prevention of human papilloma virus (HPV). Because of this, the chance of developing cervical cancer after vaccination is very low. It is also important to know how this cancer occurs at this time. Let’s find out from the experts.

What is cervical cancer?

Senior Director, Department of Magic Oncology, Max Hospital, Patpadganj Dr. Minu Walia Explains that cervical cancer is cancer that starts in the cervix. It is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. This cancer is caused by human papilloma virus. India accounts for 25% of cervical cases worldwide. About every 47 minutes a woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer. Every eight minutes a woman dies of it in the country. The incidence of this cancer is increasing every year which is cause for concern. In this case it needs to be protected.

This cancer can be treated

Dr. Minu Walia Says that cervical cancer can be treated. It can be prevented only in adolescence. Cervical cancer vaccine HPV vaccine may reduce the risk of cancer. They are very effective in preventing infections in women. Also, you can reduce your risk of cervical cancer by doing a smear test. Women need information about cervical cancer prevention. The HPV vaccine can be administered to girls ages 9 to 14. The chance of getting cancer in the future with this vaccine is very low.

These are the symptoms of cervical cancer

Persistent abdominal pain

Discharge from private parts

Experiencing extreme pain during sex

Bleeding without menstruation

Difficulty urinating and burning

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