Big reveal in Pune mass suicide case, engineer’s son killed parents and sisters

The news of the suicide of 4 members of the same family in Pune has come to light. Son of engineer killed parents and sister by mixing poison in food.

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Pune Family Suicide Cases: Pune A very painful incident came to light on Friday. A family mass suicide The whole city was shaken by the news. But this time the news brought a big revelation. Son of an engineer food poisoning At the same time he killed his parents and sister and ended his own life. This young engineer invested in the stock market. It has caused great damage to him. He took money from many and invested money in the market. He did not understand how to repay this loan.

Worried about this, he took such a big step. The family had moved to Pune a year ago from Ravidas Nagar in Daryapur town of Amravati district. After studying engineering, this young man developed an interest in investing in the stock market. In the beginning he benefited a lot. After that he inspired many people to invest in the stock market. People gave them money. But after that the money invested in the capital market began to sink. This makes him depressed and desperate.

Money sinks in the stock market, so he is completely broke

Finding no way to repay the debtors, he brought poison from the market and mixed it with food and killed the entire family. The youth who committed this incident is Rishikesh Thote. Despite his father Deepak Thot’s financial condition being very poor, he somehow made him an engineer. His sister was also studying.

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Rishikesh Thote had earlier earned so much from his stock market earnings that he built a luxurious house in Daryapur, his native Amaravati. With the next big income he thought of buying some land for cultivation. But his dream was shattered when he had to suffer in the stock market. He took money from many people in Daryapur. Thinking of returning it, he took such a big step that all four members of this family are no more in this world today.


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