Bank Holidays: Banks will be closed on these dates in December, customers should settle important work first

Bank Holiday List: If you have some bank related work in the coming days, for which it is very important for you to go there. So, you should know that in the coming month of December, all public and private sector banks will be closed for a total of 14 days.

All public and private banks will be closed for a total of 14 days in December.

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In the future if you Bank There is some work related to it, for which it is very important for you to go there. So know that next December, all governments and Dr private sector Banks will remain closed for a total of 14 days. Therefore, you should plan your bank operations accordingly. If your work is very important, do it early. Apart from various festivals, Sundays and second and fourth Saturdays are also included in this holiday.

Here is the full list of bank holidays

  • December 3: Feast of St. Francis Xavier (Panaji).
  • December 4: Sunday (all locations)
  • December 5: Gujarat Assembly Election 2022 (Ahmedabad) Polling Day
  • December 10: Second Saturday (everywhere)
  • December 11: Sunday (all locations)
  • December 12: Pa-Togan Nengminja Sangma (Shillong)
  • December 18: Sunday (all locations)
  • 19 December: Goa Liberation Day (Panaji)
  • December 24: Fourth Saturday (everywhere)
  • December 25: Sunday (all locations)
  • December 26: Christmas Celebration/Losung/Namsung (Aizawl, Gangtok, Shillong)
  • December 29: Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Chandigarh).
  • December 30: U Kiang Nangbah (Shillong)
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve (Aizawal)

RBI provides bank holiday information

However, banks will be closed for 14 days in the month of December. This includes the second Saturday and Sunday. However, online and net banking services will be available as usual. Let us tell you that the Reserve Bank of India i.e. RBI provides Bank Holiday information on its official website.

We tell you that the central bank simultaneously publishes the list for the entire year, which provides holiday information. The Reserve Bank issues holidays under three categories including Holiday under Negotiable Instruments Act, Holiday under Negotiable Instruments Act and Real Time Gross Settlement Holiday and Banks Closing Accounts. All bank branches of the country including government, private, foreign, cooperative and regional banks are closed under these three categories.

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Nowadays, you can also transact many banking related tasks online. In this, one can benefit from KYC verification from account opening. You can transfer money online to anyone. So don’t worry too much even if the bank is closed.


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