Auto Expo 2023: Tata EV to give relief to buyers, set up 25,000 charging points in country

Auto Expo 2023: Tata Power plans to expand its electric charging network by setting up 25,000 EV charging points across India. The company will set up these charging points within the next five years. The company also showcased EV charging points at the Auto Expo.

Tata Power EV charging point at Auto Expo 2023.

Image Credit Source: Twitter: @TataPower

EV Charging Station: Power sector giants Tata Power 25,000 electric vehicles (EVs) have been launched across the country.EV) has announced plans to install charging points. The company will set up these charging points over the next five years to promote electric vehicles in India. Running in Greater Noida Auto Expo 2023 The company has introduced charging technology for high-tech electric vehicles. Let us tell you that Tata Motors of Tata Group is the largest company selling electric cars in India.

According to a company statement, the company has launched its EV charging technology for the people coming to the Auto Expo. Around this time the company also unveiled EZ Charge, its massive EV charging network. Besides, people also got to experience Tata Power EZ Charge, the most downloaded mobile app for EV charging.

Tata Power EZ Charge App

With the Tata Power EZ Charge app, people can easily find the nearest EV charging station. Tata Power says that information like real-time availability of charging points and updates on charging status is also available in the app. Also, the company showcased the Network Operations Center (NOC). NOC helps manage charging stations present in India.

Tata Power in the EV charging sector

Tata Power has a large presence in the EV charging sector. The company said that so far it has provided 3,600 public/semi-public chargers and over 23,500 residential chargers. Many of these electric vehicle charging stations are equipped with fast charging technology. All these charging stations are located at important locations like malls, hotels, airports and office complexes.

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Roll of NOC of Tata Power

The NOC is linked to an online platform supporting Tata Power’s EZ Charge service. It is connected to all chargers based on real-time communication and detects any technical fault immediately. Also, the NOC resolves issues quickly, supports back-end systems and plans to upgrade charging infrastructure.


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