WATCH: Anysahaju Viral Video Surfaced On Social Media: Who is Anysahaju?

A famous Indonesian content creator has taken over the internet and set Twitter and Reddit on fire with her viral video. Here we are talking about Anysahaju who is a renowned name in Indonesia. She is a noted personality in her country, thanks to her TikTok career. She is a TikTok star. Often Anysahaju remains in news headlines for her TikTok lip-sync videos but recently Anysahaju hit the news headlines for not good causes.


Anysahaju Viral Video

A video of Anysahaju is going viral and it is trending enormously on social media. Thus, we decided to prepare an article to inform our readers about what is in the video and why it is trending so much. As this news has been a topic of discussion in the town, we did a deep study on it and dug deep into the web to collect reliable and accurate details about it. Kindly stick with it and follow this column till the last to understand all aspects of the news. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

Who is Anysahaju?

Before talking about Anysahaju’s viral video, it is imperative to discuss and know who is she. As mentioned, Anysahajuv is an Indonesian girl, she is widely popular for being a digital creator. Her real name is Anysa Hadjuanita but she is affectionately known as Anysahaju. The Indonesian TikTok star was born on Nov 16, 1999, in Jakarta. More about her, she surged to fame and prominence after some of her TikTok lip-sync videos went viral on the internet. Now she has a significant fan following on all social networking sites including Instagram, Twitter, and others.


In the meantime, she has garnered a huge fan base. Now her fans have been rocked by her viral video. What is in the video? Let’s explore this aspect in the next section. Take a peek below. If you are willing to watch Anysahaju’s viral video, it can be found easily on Reddit and Twitter as well. If we have to describe Anysahaju’s viral video in short, we would say it is an obscene video. Anysahaju can be seen lying on the bed while a person performs intimate activities on her. This is why people are shocked. As of now, the video has been watched by thousands of users. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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