Who was Ananya? MCM Dav College Suicide Victim 20-year-old BA Chandigarh student falls off building, dies

Shock waves are blowing from Chandigarh where a BA student fell to death on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. This incident was a matter of MCM DAV College. The victim was a girl who died after falling from the second floor in the afternoon. Since this news broke out, ample questions have been prevailing in people’s minds such as what was her name, did she commit suicide, and what were the circumstances surrounding the incident. However, we have tried to respond to all the imperative aspects of this news. Kindly stick with this page and read it till the end. Drag down the page.

Ananya MCM Dav College Suicide

Who was Ananya? MCM Dav College Suicide Victim

Talking about the victim, was 20 years of age and was a sophomore at MCM DAV College located in Sector 36 in Chandigarh. She was a BA student. Reports have suggested that the second-year BA student passed away after falling off the second floor of the Arts Block of the campus. More about the victim, she was a resident of Customs Colony, Sec 37, Chandigarh where she was living with her family. Reportedly, the fatal incident happened around 12:30 on Wednesday. Kindly take a peek at the next section to learn what were the circumstances surrounding the incident.

After conducting the preliminary investigation the police described that the 20-year-old student went to the second floor’s toilet of the arts block and later she was seen fell off from there. However, the student was immediately taken to PGIMER medical facility by the college staff but sadly the student could not be revived she could not hold the pressure of the fatal injuries and passed away. Police further added that the student died after two hours before her Punjabi exam scheduled at 2 pm. An investigation is under process, no foul play has been found yet. As of yet, no suicide note has been recovered by the investigators. Scroll down the page.


The officers have started inquest proceedings and checking the victim’s phone calls and messages. Nisha Bhargava who is the principal of MCM DAV College said, “The staff informed me around 12.30 pm. When I reached the spot, the student was in a wheelchair. Her nose was bleeding and our in-house doctors were giving her first aid. I called the police and we rushed her to PGIMER in a private vehicle. The doctors tried their best, but unfortunately, she didn’t survive.” She further added, “According to some students, she tumbled down the stairs. The door leading to the terrace was locked. Later, upon discovering her bag and ID card, it was found that she had arrived at the college two hours before her evening exam.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


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