Scapia Federal Credit Card Launched: How To apply

Breaking News: Anil Goteti, a former top executive at Flipkart, is back in the startup scene with Scapia, a business that uses finance to transform the way people travel. Customers may earn rewards on their card purchases and use them to book flights and hotel stays all around the world with Scapia’s special credit card and app. We will look at how Scapia is reinventing the travel narrative to make it more approachable for young Indian tourists in this post. A New Paradigm in Travel Rewards: By generously rewarding 10% of all purchases made with their credit card, Scapia stands apart from the competition. These benefits are turned into Scapia coins, which may be used for travel and lodging all around the world.

Scapia Federal Credit Card

Scapia Federal Credit Card

A simple, one-click redemption process is offered through the company’s user-friendly software, turning trip fantasies into reality. A seamless travel experience is provided by the Scapia Card, which can be used in more than 150 countries and at one million merchant locations globally thanks to a collaboration with Federal Bank and the VISA network. Because of this, customers may access real-time transactions using the Scapia app, which offers ease and security when they are traveling.

Unleashing Travel advantages: By providing extra travel advantages, Scapia goes above and beyond standard credit cards. Since there is no currency markup for cardholders, doing business internationally is more affordable. The Scapia card further enhances the entire travel experience by providing unrestricted access to domestic lounges without any joining or yearly fees. Anil Goteti’s Vision: Anil Goteti, the brains of Scapia, imagines a world in which everyone may travel. Goteti, a senior vice president of Flipkart, believes in developing cutting-edge solutions that meet the demands of young Indian tourists. Scapia stands for his dedication to realizing his trip aspirations.

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Scapia Federal Credit Card

Scapia is not Goteti’s first foray into the startup world after Protonn. He launched Protonn after leaving Flipkart, but sadly it failed to discover the ideal product-market fit. With Scapia, Goteti is keen to build a finance platform that tackles the problems faced by passengers, having learned from his mistakes in the past. Anil Goteti’s Scapia is poised to revolutionize the tourism sector with its cutting-edge fintech solutions. Travelers are given the freedom to explore the globe while taking advantage of exclusive advantages and hassle-free experiences thanks to Scapia, which provides a lucrative credit card and an easy-to-use app. Scapia is positioned to revolutionize the travel fintech industry with its dedication to accessibility and consumer happiness. So this was all about this article. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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