BGMI: Skyesports Champions Series Finals Day 3: Overall standings, overview, and more

In the Skyesports Champions Series BGMI Finals after 18 matches, Blind Esports is currently in the lead with 174 points and 108 eliminations. Team Soul moved up to second place with 131 points thanks to their outstanding victory in the Sanhok match. They were five points behind Team VST following another strong performance. With 123 points, including 70 kills, Orangutan Gaming entered the top five and appeared to be playing at their best. Team Gladiators and OR Esports placed sixth and seventh, respectively, with 122 and 116 points. With 38 finishers, Blind Spower presently leads the finish table, followed by Akshat (29) and Justin (28).

BGMI Skyesports Champions

BGMI: Skyesports Champions Series Finals Day 3

Harsh of side Insane ended the first game by taking out three Orangutan players with a single grenade, helping his side win with 11 kills. In this Erangel game, OR Max and Soul Goblin each recorded four kills, putting in outstanding individual efforts. With 12 eliminations in the second match’s finish circle, Obey Esports secured a much-needed Chicken Dinner. With 14 points, Blind Esports improved to the top spot in the rankings. The day’s first-place finishers, Insane and OR Esports, were ousted from the second match without scoring a single point.

Orangutan Gaming won the third game in Erangel with a huge 18-kill Chicken Dinner. Their BGMI standout AKOP won a staggering nine eliminations. Team Gladiators, which had seasoned players like Destro and Justin, earned eight points, while Team MISFITS and Blind both scored eleven. With 12 eliminations and outstanding skill in the closing rounds, Esports won the fourth fight. Nakul’s five frags in this Miramar match helped Blind Esports win with a score of 14. Orangutan played poorly, scoring just three goals for nine total points. Fan favorites Team Soul won the sixth game on Sanhok with a commanding 14-kill margin. Omega and Akshat, two BGMI veterans, each won six eliminations. With the help of their new addition, MJ, Revenant Esports scored 11 points. Blind Esports was defeated earlier in this match after a number of outstanding performances.

Gods Reign and Orangutan engaged in an intense final fight in their sixth encounter, which the former ultimately prevailed in. Gods Reign won by an 11-kill margin and will want to continue their winning streak on Day 4 of the Skyesports BGMI Finals. Six frags went to Velocity Gaming’s Aimbot, while four each went to Ninja, Aquanox, and AKOP. So this was all about this case. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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