Janet Yellen Ate Hallucinogenic Mushrooms: What Happened To United States Secretary of the Treasury?

Janet Louise Yellen is a distinguished American economist who assumed the role of the 78th United States Secretary of the Treasury on January 26, 2021. Prior to this position, she served as the 15th chair of the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018. Yellen’s profound economic expertise and significant contributions have established her as a prominent figure in both academia and government. In her capacity as the treasury secretary, Yellen wields a critical influence over national financial policies, yielding substantial impacts on fiscal well-being. Her previous role as the chair of the Federal Reserve underscored her adeptness in guiding monetary policy and navigating intricate economic challenges.

Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen Ate Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Recent attention has been focused on Yellen due to her inadvertent consumption of psychedelic mushrooms during her visit to China, inadvertently sparking an unusual trend. During an interview with CNN, Yellen candidly disclosed her initial lack of awareness regarding the hallucinogenic effects of these mushrooms, shedding light on the incident. In the aftermath of this revelation, concerns have been raised among the public and politicians regarding Yellen’s health, given her status as a political figure. In a light-hearted response, Yellen assured CNN that none of the visitors accompanying her were impacted by the mushrooms.

Janet Yellen

She later became aware of the mushrooms’ effects but affirmed that they posed no harm when properly prepared at the esteemed restaurant she dined at. According to her, everyone present enjoyed the mushrooms, and no adverse reactions were reported. Yellen’s recent visit to China spanned four days and marked the first such visit by a top US official in over three years, following Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s earlier summer trip. Yellen considered her trip a positive stride towards strengthening US-China relations.

Janet Yellen

After a Weibo user disclosed Yellen’s dining experience at the Yunnan restaurant named In and Out during her trip, a trend was ignited online. This trend featured a hashtag that translates to “US Treasury Secretary Yellen’s first meal in Beijing is Yunannese.” It’s important to note that the mushroom poisoning case in Australia is unrelated to Janet Yellen’s experience with magic mushrooms. In the Australian case, three individuals tragically lost their lives after consuming cooked mushrooms purchased from local stores. This incident has raised concerns about food safety and quality control. On an entirely distinct note, Yellen unintentionally initiated a trend in China involving a dish called Jian shou qing, or “see hand blue.” This dish incorporates magic mushrooms known for their hallucinogenic properties. This trend began after Yellen was observed consuming these fungi during her visit to Beijing.

The dish “Jian shou qing,” also known as “see hand blue,” incorporates Lanmaoa asiatica mushrooms. These mushrooms exhibit a distinctive blue hue when they are sliced or bruised. Dr. Peter Mortimer, a professor at the Kunming Institute of Botany, has provided insights into these mushrooms. He explained that while they possess hallucinogenic effects, they also have the potential to be poisonous.

However, the specific compounds responsible for these effects have not yet been identified by scientists. Mortimer shared an anecdote about a friend who accidentally consumed these mushrooms and experienced hallucinations that lasted for three days. Fortunately, in the case of Janet Yellen and her colleagues, they did not encounter any adverse effects from consuming these mushrooms. Instead, their dining experience prompted a trend and sparked widespread interest in trying this particular dish. As a result of Yellen’s visit to China and her choice of this dish, news of the experience rapidly circulated online. The restaurant serving Jian shou qing quickly garnered attention and experienced swift sell-outs at various branches within a matter of hours.

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