Virginia Father Attacked Youth Soccer Coach With Metal Bottle: Who Is He?

Recently, the shocking news has come out on the internet. This news has given a big shock to the world of sports. A youth soccer coach was attacked by parents. This case has happened in Virginia. The name of the coach is Vince Villanueva. He was attacked by a man named Blerand Hxoha. The Coach was attacked by a metal water bottle. Because of that, he is charged with malicious wounding. Now many people are curious to know about this case. People want to know what was the motive behind this attack. So to know the reason behind the attack read this whole article.

Virginia Father Attacked Youth Soccer Coach 

Virginia Father Attacked Youth Soccer Coach

This is the case that happened in Manassas, Virginia in the boy’s youth soccer match. A youth soccer coach Vince Villanueva got attacked by a 45-year-old father whose name is Blerand Hxoha. The father has been arrested because of this attack case. The father physically assaulted the coach. people are really shocked after listening to this news. The youth soccer community is in shock right now. Currently, the father is in jail. He has been charged with malicious wounding. This is a very serious crime in the world of youth soccer right now. Keep reading this article in the next stanza.

When Blerand Hxoha attacked the coach, Vince Villanueva got attacked resulting in his eyes turning black and his face got swollen. The father attacked the coach with a metal water bottle. He has suffered an intense injury. Currently, the 45-year-old father is under custody. If we talk about the coach. So Vince Villanueva is a Virginia-based coach. He is mostly known as the youth soccer coach, he is very committed and passionate toward his passion. His coaching style is unique. He has trained many students and because of his coaching, many players have given their best performance ever. It is very strange that the father of one player attacked such a dedicated coach.

Blerand Hxoha attacked Virginia coach Vince Villanueva. He attacked him at the time of the boys’ youth soccer match. He attacked the coach with a hot water metal bottle because of that the coach is injured right now. Hxoha has been arrested and is in custody he claimed that the coach was unfamiliar with him and his son. The children were taken out of the scene with complete safety But it is a very distressing scene that a person attacked. Currently, this case has been investigated and further details will be revealed soon.

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