Missing: Is Josh Woodhams Found Yet? Case Update

This is to inform you that a man named Josh Woodhams who is a resident of Lexington has been running missing since June 17, 2023. It has been almost two weeks since Josh Woodhams was reported missing but he has not returned home, therefore his family members, friends, and people of the Lexington community have been worried for his welfare and well-being. The fear of wrong-happening with Josh Woodhams has developed over the days as the man has no history of going unreachable for weeks. This is the first time when Josh Woodhams disappeared for days. In this article, we have given all the imperative details about the missing person Josh Woodhams. You are requested to stick with this page and must read it till the end to know everything about him. Drag down the page and take a look below.

Josh Woodhams

Missing: Is Josh Woodhams Found Yet?

According to the reports, Josh Woodhams disappeared on June 17, 2023. He left his home with his phone and wallet. His mobile phone was traced last time on Sunday morning at two locations. The missing report also says Josh Woodhams was within a radius of 3 miles of I-75 at exit 104 in Lexington on Sunday morning at around 2:30 am. After half an hour, Josh Woodhams’s phone was tracked within a radius of 3 miles of the Clays Ferry Bridge. Continue reading the article and know more about him.

The investigators believe that Josh Woodhams could be heading toward Knoxville or Morristown where he previously lived with his family. The detectives also stated that they are looking for the orange mongoose mountain bike on which the missing person left the home. He is driving an Orange Mongoose Mountain bike and wearing a black Ohio State T-shirt on black & gray balance tennis shows with Black Nike basketball shots. Scroll down the page and read more details about him.

Josh Woodhams’s wife posted a post on social media that he was wearing a blue T-shirt when she saw him and that he might change the shirt before leaving the home as the blue T-shirt has been found at home. The current status of Josh Woodhams is still missing and his whereabouts are still not known. A friend of Krystal Woodhams posted please help bring this father home! Josh Woodhams has not been seen by his wife or children since Saturday night June 17th in the Polo Club Blvd/Todds Rd area of Lexington, KY. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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