Young Slime Life Trial: Why did YSL Attorney Lawyer get Arrested?

On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, during the trial in the courtroom chaos erupted when alleged members of the Young Slime Life gang started screaming. According to the reports, during a recess in the Young Slime Life trial, alleged members of the gang started screaming behind chamber doors meanwhile it left some people agitated in the courtroom. Since this incident occurred in the courtroom during the Young Slime Life trial people have been scrounging the web to learn what actually happened during the trial. However, we have explained the circumstances during the trial on Wednesday, in the following sections of this article. Stick with this column and read this article till the end. Kindly drag down the page and take a look below for more details.

Young Slime Life Trial Why did YSL Attorney Lawyer get Arrested

Young Slime Life Trial

As per the videos that came out from the courtroom, Young Thug was sitting in the center at a table in the court when chaos occurred. During this around three people were handcuffed and escorted out. However, it is still sketchy if those three escorted people were other defendants or spectators in the case. The court officer said, “Everyone chills, clear the courtroom” Meanwhile, the officers immediately cleared the courtroom. Kindly take a look at the next section to learn what defense attorneys said about it.

Young Slime Life Trial Why did YSL Attorney Lawyer get Arrested

A journalist who was in the courtroom at that time talked to the defense attorneys. The defense attorneys asserted defendant Rodalius Ryan was escorted out when he started screaming from the holding cell area of the courtroom. Then defendants Coradrius Dorsey and Christian Eppinger stood up and asked the officers to let Ryan out of the holding cell of the courtroom. One of them said, “He didn’t do anything wrong!” Eric Johnson, Eppinger’s attorney said Eppinger and Ryan are good friends and Eppinger is concerned for Ryan’s safety, thus he stood up. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Young Slime Life Trial Why did YSL Attorney Lawyer get Arrested

Dorsey’s attorney told Winne, “All of a sudden they take Mr. Ryan, the young child, I mean, he’s a kid, they take him to the back, and we can hear him screaming. We can hear him in the courtroom yelling for help. And we’re all confused.” However, it is still not clear why he was escorted out. The attorney said an officer had earlier an alleged altercation with Ryan and was scheduled to stand during the trial right about the time that Ryan was escorted out.

Young Slime Life Trial Why did YSL Attorney Lawyer get Arrested

YSL Attorney Arrested

It is necessary to maintain the dignity of a profession and especially when you are sitting in a good position. However, there are many people who took the advantage of their power and position and think that nobody will able to catch them. But they forget that everyone is equal in the eyes of law and no one can make fools of the law. One such example has been set for all those people who think they can influence the law with their power. As per the latest exclusive reports, the deputies of Fulton County Sheriff detained Anastassios Manettas, a lawyer representing one of the defendants in the decumbent trial of rapper identified as Young Thug and 13 others alleged of racketeering and gang charges in Atlanta.

Young Slime Life Trial Why did YSL Attorney Lawyer get Arrested

The reports state that the accused attorney had been carrying prescription medicine. The attorney was detained on Thursday, 20th April 2023 when he was at the security checkpoint. The office of the sheriff is still standardizing charges, stated Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat. He further added that drugs have been a problem at the time of the trial. Labat states that “We have increased the protocol of the security. We will carry on moving forward. Keep in mind that anything coming into the courtroom will be checked.”

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Young Slime Life Trial Why did YSL Attorney Lawyer get Arrested

Why did YSL Lawyer get Arrested?

The arrest news of the attorney is officially confirmed by his colleagues stating that “The defense lawyer in the Young Slime Life gang case was detained when he attempted to enter the courtroom with some of his prescription medication. Not only this, he reportedly threw his cell phone at the deputy. After that the attorney is charged with simple battery on a law enforcement officer, disrupting and obstruction court proceedings, and possession of pills that are not put in their original box. As per the reports, Manettas was attempting to throw his phone at another attorney.

Young Slime Life Trial Why did YSL Attorney Lawyer get Arrested

As we mentioned above, Manettas represents Miles “Slato” Farley one of the 28 people listed in the charge for alleged gang activities in 2022.  The detain of the lawyer comes just 1 day after the defendant Rodalius Ryan was directed out of the courtroom because he was also believed to carry drugs, in other words, the possession of marijuana. Apart from it, a video making rounds on the web in which YSL lawyer Justin Hill calls “cap” on Judge Glanville for suggesting he did not have a pre-argument. He states that “I was just only stating that it is not correct. To be honest, It is a cap.” We are looking forward to getting more details about it.

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