Bold & Beautiful Bombshell: Does Sheila Go Back To Jail?

A Bold and Beautiful behind-the-scenes video also reveals Spolier’s fate. Here’s everything you need to know. Bold and Beautiful viewers were stunned when it came to light that Bill and Ridge had teamed up to trick Sheila in a scheme to put her behind bars for good. After the reveal, the mystifying reasons for Bill professing his love for the psychopath and blackmailing Steffy and Finn became crystal clear. What was not so obvious, however, was how-or if- Deacon fit into the picture. Well, we have a much better idea and that’s not all we know.

Bold & Beautiful Bombshell Does Sheila Go Back To Jail

Does Sheila Go Back To Jail?

While Bill was scamming Sheila into believing he loved her in hopes of scoring a murder confession, the madwoman was also playing Spencer, to a point. She was no more in love with him than he was with her and was taking every opportunity to run over to Deacon’s apartment to spend time with the man who harbored her as a fugitive and with whom she had developed a romantic relationship against all circumstances.

This deception on Sheila’s part concerned Deacon fans because he was putting all his progress at risk to keep seeing his nine-toed friend with benefits. Although his romantic flashbacks of the two of the slow-dancing and kissing suggested he was not in on the plan with Bill and Ridge, some wondered if there was some possibility he might be. His only hope of staying out of prison himself was to have cut a deal with the authorities at some point to help put Sheila away. Since we didn’t know where Deacon got the money to buy II Giardino we had to wonder if that was part of an agreement as well.

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Bold & Beautiful Bombshell Does Sheila Go Back To Jail

Lastly, we saw Deacon, he had learned of Bill’s marriage proposal and encouraged Sheila to accept it as he wanted to be happy. Sheila did so, and shortly thereafter confessed to Bill that she murdered Dr. Lance with bees. When James Corden and Lil Nax X make their way to CBS studios to make a hilarious cameo as a waiter and busy boy, we learn they’ll be in scenes with Sean Kanan and Annika Noelle.

Bold & Beautiful Bombshell Does Sheila Go Back To Jail

We have no idea how they’re going to explain it, but that confirms Deacon was in on it. Let the cheering begin! Obviously, Hope still doesn’t know he was involved with Sheila or gave her a place to hide out when she was on the run. But he’s in the good books for now. And did you watch that other nugget? We even saw the jail set up ass Corden and Lil Nas X tour around behind the scenes.

Share your thoughts on the twist with Deacon in the comment sections below. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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