I Am Nobody Chinese Drama Premiere At 8AM: Watch Official Trailer With English Subtitle

In this article, we are going to explore the newest release series “I am Nobody”. This is one of the most talked about series right now. It is a Chinese drama series. This series is based on Tencent Webtoon Under One Person. This series made a surprise when it premiered at 8:00 am this morning. It was announced that it is broadcasting just half an hour earlier. This is the next show drama for Youku’s summer slot which includes The Legend of Anle and Hidden Love. This series has a perfect blend of family secrets, martial arts, and supernatural elements which is going to entertain you. read the next paragraph to know about the story of this series.

I Am Nobody Chinese Drama

I Am Nobody Chinese Drama Premiere At 8AM

So if we look at the story of this series. So Zhang Chu Lan, a college student, is a “nobody.” When he receives call word that his grandfather’s funeral has been desecrated, everything changes that time. There he meets Feng Baobao, a mystery female who claims to be his master. As Chu Lan finds herself in the presence of several creatures, things only get more fascinating. Baobao, who uses her knife with great dexterity, saves him. Chu Lan subsequently learns that other organizations, each of which has its ulterior motives, are very interested in the martial arts skill he received from his grandpa. Additionally, it appears that he could be an Outsider a phrase for those with unusual abilities. Scroll down to know more.

Along with Neo Hou Ming Hao from Back from the Brink and Wang Ying Lu, who had her acting debut in Dear Missy a few years ago, Peng Yu Chang, who previously acted in another live-action as Lu Xia in the 2019 Chinese drama The Prince of Tennis, portrays the primary protagonist. Jiang Pei Yao and Bi Wen Jun have received special invitations to star.

The most recent webtoon-based drama is called I Am Nobody. A Chinese-Japanese anime adaptation with 4 seasons was also released in 2016. It will be difficult to top the adulation and devoted following that the anime has garnered. Hopefully, the live-action version will measure up to the original. This series is going to air from 4th August 2023 to 30th August 2023. There are a total of 27 episodes in this series. The main cast of this series includes Peng Yu Chang, Neo Hou, Wang Ying Lu, Bi Wen Jun, Julio Wan Yan, and Wang Xue Qi. This show has been directed by Derek Hui.

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