WATCH: Pizza Delivery Driver Trips Suspect Fleeing From Cops

Doorbell camera video captured the moment a pizza delivery man helped stop a suspect running from the police. Here’s the full story.Β A Brookhaven homeowner shared footage from his Ring camera when Tytler Morrell, a Cocco’s Pizzeria delivery man, tripped a suspect who was running from police, Fox 29 reported. Reporters asked Morrell what gave him the courage to step in and help, he further said that he never thought about doing anything but stepping in. He added that he was raised to step up for something that is not right, he just did his part. The video shows police cruisers stopping in front of the house Morrell was delivering the pizza to when the suspect got out of the vehicle and began to run. Morrell stuck out his foot to trip the suspect.

Pizza Delivery Driver Trips Suspect

Pizza Delivery Driver Trips Suspect

The suspect hit the ground and Brookhaven police officers made the arrest. That stuck-out leg was enough to trip the suspect, causing him to tumble to the ground, where police arrested him. The incident was caught on the customer’s security video. Police claimed that they also arrested 19-year-old Jhonael Gutirrez-Tejada, who was allegedly a passenger in the stolen car. After all the commotion was done, Morell still managed to get the pizza delivered safely. The person who ordered the pizza remarked him 10 on 10!

Reportedly, Tejada is facing charges of receiving stolen property, resisting arrest, and other charges. He’s being held behind bars on $50,000 bail. The 17-year-old suspect is also facing charges. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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