Where Is Jim Acosta Going After Leaving CNN? New Job Salary And Net Worth

You might be aware of the latest news of a well-known American broadcaster journalist, Jim Acosta. It has been recently declared that now he is departing from CNN. This news is currently viral and it has given a big shock to his fans and followers. Now the biggest question is where is Jim Acosta going after leaving CNN?? What is going to be his new job? A lot of people are interested in learning about his salary and net worth. So here we have brought some valid information about the journalist which should read now. So read this article till the last.

Jim Acosta
Jim Acosta (Image Credit: Instagram/jimacosta)

Where Is Jim Acosta Going After Leaving CNN?

On social media, there is news that Jim Acosta is leaving CNN. This news has given a big shock to people. So let us first report to you that this news is not confirmed yet. The journalist or CNN channel, both have not officially announced this news. Yes, this is a rumor right now which is not confirmed. But the topic of his new move has become a part of the interest of people. Continue reading this article.


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The journalist established himself as a seasoned journalist and a recognizable face of television in America. His departure from CNN has marked a transition in his journey. There are no proper details of his plans right now. His plans have remained private as he does not share much information about his personal life. But there is one report that has hinted that Jim Acosta is now going explore some new opportunities in digital media.

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Reports say, that after leaving CNN, he is now going to delve into the world of digital media and streaming platforms. This report is not confirmed yet. We urge you to wait for some more time till the official confirmation by the journalist. Making assumptions would not be a great step for anyone. Scroll down to the next paragraph to learn more.

There is one more report that Jim Acosta might be going to join platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV+ as he now wants to invest in the original content. But this report is also unconfirmed at this time. The journalist has also maintained silence on the rumor of Jim Acosta’s new job. Now to learn about the details of his salary, so look at the next paragraph of this article.

A lot of people are currently interested in learning about Jim Acosta’s salary. so there is no official information on his salary. The details of someone’s salary are private. A person doesn’t need to be going to reveal the amount that he earns. But yes here are some details of Jim Acosta’s net worth, which you can read in the next paragraph.

Jim Acosta’s net worth is around $5 million. It is a testament to his successful broadcasting journey and entrepreneurial life. His broadcasting career, business, and investment are the biggest contributors to his net worth. Read this article till the last to learn more.

Jim Acosta is a famous American broadcast journalist. His full name is Abilio James Acosta. He was born in Washington, D.C., United States. As of February 2024, he is 52 years old. Alongside being a journalist he is also an anchor, entrepreneur, and a chief domestic correspondent for CNN. Before this work, he worked as the network chief White House correspondent at the time of the Trump administration.

Till now it is not known where is Jim Acosta going after leaving CNN. The details of Jim Acosta’s new job and salary have not been disclosed because till now it is not confirmed whether the news of his leaving CNN is true or not. We should wait for some more time for the official confirmation.

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