Does Alex Die In Emmerdale? fans predict blackmail twist

Emmerdale, a long-running ITV television soap opera is everyone’s favorite as fans love to watch this amazing series. It has been airing for a long time and every single fan love to watch this amazing show on ITV. Once again, the latest edition of Emmerdale has caught the attention of the audience across the world as they are expecting something turning in the latest episode. According to the latest spoiler of the series, Emmerdale has revealed the identity of Alex’s killer and it is interesting to know that it is not Vicar Charles.

Does Alex Die In Emmerdale

Does Alex Die In Emmerdale?

Alex and Dawn Taylor’s drug dealing ex was left to die after being hit by a car in Thursday’s (March 30, 2023) edition of the running shoe. The questionable guy, who is actually dating Clare and not Naomi (Karene Peter), with whom he is feigning a relationship, had spent the previous few weeks plotting to take drugs from the surgery. After learning that Alex had been plotting to steal medicines from the Doctor’s office all along, Charles confronted Alex in tonight’s episode of the ITV soap opera. In order to get into the Anderson family and develop a strong friendship with GP Manpreet so he could learn more about the hospital and how it ran, Alex had been getting close to Naomi.

As per tonight’s episode, it will be revealed who was to blame for what actually happened to Alex as he died on the road, after being hit by a car and whilst many thought it would be Charles. It was actually revealed to be someone else but who? Here are lots of discussions taking place on social media and most of the fans are talking about the spoiler of the upcoming episode.

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Does Alex Die In Emmerdale Does Alex Die In Emmerdale

One fan wrote about the latest episode and left its verdict that reads,” I had a feeling it was Billy, but he should have called an ambulance. Now he is going to look like he left him to die out of revenge. #Emmerdale”. While another fan wrote,” Can’t believe it was billy #emmerdale”. Along with this, another user wrote,” So Billy just happens to go to the chippy as Alex is in the middle of the road. Plus he committed a hit and run right after getting parental rights over the children. Oh so convenient!”. Keep in touch with us to know more details about the upcoming spoiler of the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned for more updates.

Does Alex Die In Emmerdale

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