Who Was Gary Green Wife Lovetta Armstead? Husband Kills His Daughter After Stabbing His Wife

Police are doing all possible things in order to stop crimes in the world. But the cases are not taking the name to stop and crime rates are constantly increasing despite making many strict rules and punishable rules. One more recent case has come forward which shows that a man has killed his wife as well as his daughter. Now this case has pulled a lot of attention on the real as well as virtual worlds and people want to know the motive of this killing as well as the details of the suspect as well as the victims. However, this case is not so new to hear as this incident happened 14 years back but still remains fresh in the mind of the people.

Gary Green’s Wife Lovetta Armstead?

Gary Green Wife

As per the latest report, the 51-year-old man who was identified as Gary Green was executed in Texas on the evening of Tuesday, 7th March 2023 for the killing of his wife and daughter who was just 6 years old in the year 2009. In the year 2010, Green confessed to the murders and got sentenced. In the spite of concerns about his intellectual disability and mental illness, the suspect was executed. Ever since people heard that the suspect was executed, individuals are showing interest in this news and wanted to know each and every detail of this case.

The Wife Of Gary Green

Gary Green Wife

People want to know why he killed his own wife and daughter. Gary was married to Lovetta Armsetead and these names came into existence after people heard about this murder case. The suspect Gary confessed that he found his wife wanted to annul their wedding a year ago prior to assassinating his spouse and their daughter. Gary was confused that they were living a happy married life then why his wife decided to annul their marriage? After learning this, he gets angry as well as confused that why his wife wants to end their loving marriage. The duo was happy together prior to the spouse knowing about annulling their relationship.

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Gary Green Wife

He immensely loved her and always wanted to live with her. Sadly, while arguing and fighting, he assassinated his spouse and daughter in anger and after that, he confessed his crime in front of the police. On Tuesday, prior to the demise, his final statement was “I killed not one but 2 people whom I loved most and I had to live with that while I was here. I urging that you forgive me, not for me but for all.” The deceased were identified as Lovetta Armstead and Jazzmen Montgomery.

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