What Happened To Fasha Sandha Malaysian actress injured while filming in Johor Baru

The fans of Fasha Sandha are currently worried for her ever since they heard about her injured news. Those people who think that it is easy to become an actor or actress need to understand that it is important to have dedication and perfection in it and only then they can win the heart of people through their actions. But sometimes they end up hurting themselves and getting some serious injuries which sometimes puts a full stop to their career. We often hear such news and get worried for them.

Fasha Sandha Kemalangan Accident

Fasha Sandha Kemalangan Accident

This time as well many of the fans of Fasha Sandha are feeling stressed about her ever since they heard about her injury which she got while shooting in Johor Baru. Now they are searching to know her current health status and want to know how many injuries she got. According to the reports, Actress is being treated at a private medical institution after getting injuries to the face when she fell while shooting in the city. This incident happened on Wednesday, 1st March 2023. This news is officially shared by her assistant through her social media account.

Fasha Sandha Kemalangan Accident

The photos of her injuries are currently making rounds all over the web and people are sending their good wishes to her. As per her IG post, the 38-year-old actress had wounded her left eye and broke an eye orbit when she collided with the edge of the bed on the set. She was filming a scene and got badly wounded. The crew get scared after watching her condition and instantly admitted to her the hospital where doctors informed her that she has injured her eye. Her assistant posted a video related to her wound along with the caption that reads, “Fasha is presently resting and Gold willing, she will be referred to the hospital located in Kuala Lumpur later today or most probably tomorrow morning.


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“The film production already apologized to her and her family for this injury. She also stated that there is no one to be blamed as it was just an accident and she is not filing any kind of complaint against anyone. Nobody could have stopped it from occurring.” The video is available to watch on social media platforms that captured the shooting of the scene, the actress was tussling with the actor who identified as Azhan Rani. The scene concluded with the actress crying in pain and instantly admitted to the emergency unit of the medical institute. As per the post, Azhan and Fasha were filming a production for TV3 titled “Anak Tuan.”

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