Ariel Jim Tweto Plane Crash: Discovery Channel pilot dies in fatal plane crash, aged 68

Today, we are going to share very sad and shocking news with you. Jim Tweto, the star of the Discovery Channel’s Flying Wild Alaska, passed away in a tiny aircraft crash on Friday morning just after takeoff. The 68-year-old aviation specialist was a regular participant in the program that chronicled his family’s aviation company. Alaska State Troopers said that Tweto was seen piloting a tiny plane into the sky before the weekend, but it failed to rise and crashed. Tweto’s daughter Ariel sent a heartbreaking note to her Instagram account to confirm the news of his passing. She didn’t believe anything could hurt this much, she said. Also, she added, She has no idea why she is writing this, but since the word has already spread, she decided everyone should hear it from her.

Ariel Jim Tweto Plane Crash

Ariel Jim Tweto Plane Crash

Her daughter wrote, And she would tolerate any form of suffering as long as he could land today. “The best father, a fantastic hunting guide, and a family friend passed away this afternoon in his 180.” “He died doing what he really loved and is now up there soaring with Uncle Ron.” “Please send love to both of them, my mom, sisters, and his wife and family,” the request was made. She shared a variety of pictures of her father as well as a screenshot of the final text message he sent her which said: ‘Faith you just can’t have enough’. Ariel also mentioned Shane Reynolds from Idaho, 45 ‘a wonderful hunting guide and friend of our family who also died in the crash alongside her father.

Ariel Jim Tweto Plane Crash

Reynolds, a hunting and fishing guide, is survived by his wife Gina, and daughter Juliet, who has already started a GoFundMe campaign in response to the unfortunate incident. According to the Daily Star, the page has reportedly raised £27,782 ($35,628) thus far to assist with costs related to the two fatalities. According to reports, an SOS activation at 11:48 am brought news of the collision to authorities’ attention.

Ariel Jim Tweto Plane Crash

A notification that the jet had crashed 35 miles northeast of Shaktoolik in Alaska, USA, came fairly quickly after the warning was dispatched. The bodies of Tweto and Reynolds were purportedly found there by the local authorities. So this was all about this case. We have shared every single piece of information about this case with you. May his soul Rest in Peace. He will be missed forever. So, Stay tuned to PKB news for more informative news like this one.

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