Who Is Murderer Ben Field? Parents Age and Case Details

Killing someone is one of the biggest offenses and the punishment for this crime is quite big. Yet many people commit this crime without thinking about the consequences of it. There are many unsolved cases that are appealing for justice but the police are yet not able to conclude it. However, there are some cases in which is getting a lot of limelight even after getting solved and forcing people to look into the matter. One such murderer is in the news whose personal life is currently a topic of discussion among people and they are searching for him on searching giant. Yes, you are right we are talking about Ben Field who has been the most viral topic and people want to know whom he killed and why.

Ben FieldBen Field

Who Is Murderer Ben Field?

Some are keen to know about his family and age. According to the reports, Benjamin Field is a churchwarden who was sentenced to killing in the year 2019. The police found him guilty of assassinating an author who was identified as Peter Farquhar. The motive of his killing was recognized as to inherit his estate. He was convicted to a minimum of 36 years in jail. During the murder investigation, the police found him guilty and he appeared in front of the court. At the time of trial, it was disclosed that Field had manipulated the victim into the relationship in order to change his will and become the main beneficiary. The suspect has introduced the 2nd bid in order to overturn his belief, asserting the flaws in the request of the judgment of the court. The result of his latest appeal is not known yet and the reports are stating that it is pending.

Ben Field

Ben whose entire name is Benjamin Field is found guilty of the murder of Peter Farquhar. Before being found as the murderer, he was a churchwarden. He was born in 1991 and hails from Olney, Buckinghamshire. When people got to know about his crime, they get shocked and it’s difficult for them to expect that he killed an author for his property. The police detained him and he was convicted to the minimum of 36 years in jail in the year 2019. The victim was 69 years old at the time when the murderer was brutally killed.

Ben Field

The plot of Field included secretly drugging the late author and manipulating him psychologically. In further addition to the murder of Farquhar, Field was also alleged of plotting to assassinate his 87-year-old neighbor, Ann Moore-Martin who is a retired headmistress. Whilst he was found not guilty in her case, he admitted to involving in a false relationship with her as part of his plot in order to become the owner of her assets.

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