What Happened To Roger Payne? who shared whale songs with the world, dies at 88

The most famous personality Roger Payne has passed away. Scientist Roger Payne, who discovered that whales could sing and sparked a global environmental conservation movement, has passed away. He was 88 years old. Payne made the finding in 1967 while conducting research in Bermuda and was given a recording of unusual underwater noises recorded while listening for Russian submarines by a Navy engineer. Payne determined that the eerie tones were songs that whales exchange. He viewed the finding of the whale song as an opportunity to raise awareness about the need to save the enormous animals, which were vanishing from the earth. The “Songs of the Humpback Whale” album was created by Payne in 1970. Unexpectedly popular, the song sparked a worldwide effort to stop commercial whale hunting and save whales from extinction.

Roger Payne

How did Roger Payne die?

Payne was aware right once that whale music offered a possibility to engage the public in saving an animal that was formerly viewed as little more than a resource, curiosity, or annoyance. aboard a 2021 interview, he revealed to Nautilus Quarterly that he first listened to the recording aboard a research vessel’s noisy engine room and almost immediately recognized the sounds as being made by whales. Despite the noise, what he heard absolutely floored me. It was clear that this was a moment to finally pique global interest in stopping the demise of whales, he told the magazine.

Sat. Payne passed away from pelvic cancer. Together with his wife, the actress Lisa Harrow, he made their home in South Woodstock, Vermont. Funeral plans have not yet been finalized, according to Harrow. With his former partner, naturalist Katy Payne, with whom he worked, Payne has four children. The two recorded the sounds of humpback whales in the late 1960s with basic equipment; these creatures occasionally sing their unsettling, intricate songs for longer than a half-hour at a time. The discovery of the whale song had a significant influence on the emerging environmental movement. The phrase “save the whales” became a common phrase on tote bags and bumper stickers because many anti-war protestors of the time adopted it as a new cause.

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Payne was raised in New York City and attended Cornell University before attending Harvard University to earn his doctorate. He researched bats and birds at the beginning of his work as a scientist. At a protest in support of whale protection held in London’s Trafalgar Square in 1991, he first met Harrow, his widow. After only 10 weeks of dating, they got married. “The way his mind worked was a constant joy,” Harrow remarked. He was always looking for answers to what seemed like never-ending questions. May his soul Rest In Peace.

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