Sangeeta Dutta Arrested: Guwahati doctor charged for abusing adopted daughter

Psychiatrist Sangeeta Dutta from Assam is said to be arrested for child abuse. What did she do? People are curious to know more about her. You will get complete details about Psychiatrist Sangeeta Dutta’s arrest case in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Sangeeta Dutta Arrested

Sangeeta Dutta Arrested

Sangeeta Dutta was said to be involved in a child abuse case. What does she do? People are curious to know more about her. After the police were out to find her. She hid in a home at Umsning in Megahalaya’s Ribhoi district. Police caught her and she was taken to Paltan Bazaar Police Station. Sangeeta is a married woman. She is married to Dr. Waliul who is detained and is at custody for the last five days.

Sangeeta Dutta Arrested

Both Dr. Snageeta and her husband is said to be involved in child abuse. They both have abused their daughter. After the police were reported, she was hiding at Umsning in Megahalaya’s Ribhoi. The whole family is said to be involved in the abuse. One can imagine the mental condition of a child who is abused by her own parents. Everyone whom she was surrounded in her home was abusing her.

Sangeeta Dutta Arrested

She was having no one to share her current feelings. Her caretaker, Lakshmi Rai was also involved in the case. She has also been detained and in custody. She is not their biological daughter. She was adopted by them. She was tied on the terrace to bear the heat of the sun for not behaving properly. She was living a difficult life with their parents. We wish that she will be relieved from her adoptive parents and taken care of better. Her adoptive parents need to be punished as soon as possible. The question that the public is arising is why one adopts a child if they can’t make their life better or at least normal. Let us conclude the above.

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Psychiatrist Sangeeta Dutta is said to be involved in the child abuse of her daughter along with her husband, Dr. Waliul. They behaved rudely with her. According to sources, she was tied in the unbearable heat of the sun on the terrace. She was punished for being naughty. Her mother, Dr Sangeeta is said to be on the run. She was hidden at Umsning in Meghalaya’s Ribhoi district. Her caretaker, Lakshmi Rai, was also involved in it. The investigation is going on. Stay tuned for more information.

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