Is Greg Gutfeld Fired From Fox News ‘The Five’: Greg Gutfeld’s Holocaust Comments

Greg Gutfeld: Fired or Not? People are curious about Gutfeld’s alleged departure from the Five and what will happen next. This is what we do know. A well-known American television host and libertarian political commentator, Greg Gutfeld is best known for his participation in the political discussion program The Five. Additionally, Gutfeld is the host of the late-night humor talk program of the same name. A Saturday night episode of Gutfeld was also hosted by him! Between May 2015 through March 2021, it was known as The Greg Gutfeld Show. He served as anchor of the 3 AM series Red Eye, a well-liked Fox News Channel late-night conversation show, from 2007 until 2015. Gutfeld has been making the rounds on the internet for the past few days, and the news of his termination has also left everyone perplexed.

Greg Gutfeld Fired

Is Greg Gutfeld Fired From Fox News ‘The Five’

No reputable media outlet has reported that Greg Gutfeld has been dismissed. However, for the past few days, there have been numerous rumors circulating that he was sacked from the Five. However, the controversy began as a result of something Gutfeld stated in an interview. Gutfled recently responded passive-aggressively to speculations that he is the unidentified man Geraldo Rivera argued with on Fox News’ The Five. Rivera stopped by The View for his first television interview since leaving Fox News and discussed his unhealthy relationship with one of his male cohosts on The Five.

Greg Gutfeld

Although Rivera avoided naming names, there was a widespread belief that it was Greg, who he frequently sparred with. Later, Gutfeld presented the segment from Rivera’s ABC talk show when he said, “I was fired from The Five; I had a very toxic relationship with one of the guests.” Rivera had made that statement in the footage. As was already mentioned, Greg Gutfeld’s firing from the Five has drawn a great deal of public interest. However, there is currently no verifiable official news on this subject.

Greg Gutfeld's Holocaust Comments

Numerous media outlets have also reported the story on Greg’s remark in the interim. Furthermore, Greg has been the subject of numerous debates over the previous few days. He is also under fire right now for suggesting that some Jews were able to survive the Nazi genocide because they were useful, which, according to a renowned Holocaust museum, does not accurately reflect the complex history of the concentration camps. In his professional life, Greg Gutfeld is still engaged and is connected to the Five. He has been criticized online for the past several days for a variety of reasons, in the meanwhile.

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