Why did Dj Maphorisa get Arrested? Assaulting his girlfriend Thuli Phongolo

Recently, shocking claims were made by former Generations The Legacy actress Thuli Phongolo who said that her ex-boyfriend Dj Maphorisa assaulted her. Yes, you heard it right, a police complaint has been filed against the renowned music producer Dj Maphorisa. Was he arrested? Yes, Dj Maphorisa was arrested in connection with physical assault on his girlfriend Thuli Phongolo. You may find it difficult to believe but that’s the way cookie crumble sometimes. Since this news broke out it has been making headlines and fans are curious about it. They have been unfolding the pages of the matter. Regardless, innumerable fans have been scrounging the web and seeking all the imperative details of DJ Maphorisa’s arrest. We were obligated to do deep research and follow ample reports to collect authentic and confirmed details. Kindly stick with this page and must go through the following sections of this column. Swipe down the screen.

Dj Maphorisa girlfriend Thuli Phongolo

Why did Dj Maphorisa get Arrested?

Amapiano music producer Dj Maphorisa was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Initially, it was thought that the ongoing news of Dj Maphorisa’s arrest was a rumor but later it was found that the music producer was really arrested for allegedly attacking Thuli Phongolo. City Press informed that Dj Maphorisa’s ex-girlfriend Thuli Phongolo filed a report of the incident to the police at the Sandton Police Station. Get more information on the matter in the following sections. Scroll down.

Dj Maphorisa girlfriend Thuli Phongolo

Thuli Phongolo is widely known and popular across South Africa for acting in Generations: The Legacy. Earlier it was rumored that Dj Maphorisa and Thuil Phongolo were dating each other but later the former Generations actress came to the fore and debunk the rumors that she was not dating music producer Dj Maphorisa, now the actress has filed a police report against him for allegedly assaulting her that means there was something between the two celebrities.  Drag down the page and get more information.

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Dj Maphorisa girlfriend Thuli Phongolo

Dj Maphorisa is the stage name of Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe and he is currently facing charges of assault for allegedly attacking his ex-partner inside her Sandton home. The former Generation actress Thuli is also a club DJ. She alleged that the brawl occurred because of their heated argument from the night before. She confronted her ex-boyfriend so that she could talk about their argument. Scroll down the page and get more details.

Dj Maphorisa girlfriend Thuli Phongolo

Who Is Dj Maphorisa’s girlfriend Thuli Phongolo?

In the complaint, the actress said, “On Sunday 2023/5/7 at about 12 pm, I was at my place of residence with my boyfriend, Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, better known as DJ Maphorisa. I confronted him so that we can talk about our argument, which happened the previous night during his gig,” She kept on saying that her ex-boyfriend became aggressive and slapped her in the face. Furthermore, “He held me and took me to the balcony, and grabbed me aggressively by my neck,” But what was the reason for their heated argument and fight? This question must be popping up in your mind. Take a peek at the following sections and read more details.

Dj Maphorisa girlfriend Thuli Phongolo

As per the complaint documents, the Generations actress claimed the argument started because her boyfriend DJ Maphorisa wanted access to her mobile phone. Thuli claimed he took her phone but later gave it back. He then proceeded to beat her and dragged her to the balcony, where he grabbed her aggressively by the neck and hit her with his elbow. The actress immediately called her manager to go to the police station and filed a complaint of domestic abuse against the music producer. As mentioned, the case was registered at Sandton Police Station. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Dj Maphorisa girlfriend Thuli Phongolo

Dj Maphorisa Assaulting video girlfriend Thuli Phongolo

Mankati O’reratile Thatego Malope shared a video of Thuli Phongolo dancing with DJ Maphoriso and enjoying the party and captioned the post, “DJ Maphorisa is arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend Thuli Phongolo, but Thuli once said she is not dating Maphorisa mos… Now this! He demanded access to Thuli’s phone. Man, if you don’t trust her, what do you want from him? Gents stop this behavior” According to sources the couple has been going through some relationship problems. Now the next imperative question that is due to respond to is when will DJ Maphorisa appear in court to defend the charges against him. Take a look below and find out this information.

According to the reports, DJ Maphorisa may make an appearance in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court but it is still unknown what is the date scheduled for him. A source revealed, “They had a fight in early December after accusations of infidelity. They had another fight last month but never got to the police station,” However, more details will come out when the music producer will plead not guilty. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Dj Maphorisa girlfriend Thuli Phongolo

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