Where Is Sophy Ridge Going After Leaving Sky News? New Job and Salary

What Is Sophy Ridge’s Future? Since it was reported that Sunday’s veteran broadcaster was departing the programme, this question has gained popularity. An English broadcast journalist named Sophy Arabella Ridge has been recognised for her work with Sky News. She began hosting “Sophy Ridge on Sunday” in 2017. In 2022, she also began airing “The Take with Sophy Ridge.” Ridge is leaving her position as a host of the Sunday morning show after six years. Now that this information has spread online, people are eager to find out what she will do after leaving Sky News. Let’s move on to that response.

Sophy Ridge

Is Sophy Ridge Leaving Sky News?

As part of a more comprehensive restructure of Sky’s news programmes, Sophy Ridge will end her six-year run on the Sunday morning show. It has been revealed that Sir Trevor Phillips would succeed her as the new host of the renowned Sunday morning politics programme on Sky News. Ridge will start a new endeavour simultaneously by hosting a weekday political programme named “The Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge.” During Ridge’s maternity leave in 2021, Sir Phillips, a seasoned news anchor and former politician, took over briefly. He was 69 years old. He became the first person of colour to host a major UK political show thanks to this noteworthy achievement.

Sophy Ridge

Sir Trevor acknowledged the fascinating political scene and expressed his gratitude for the chance to succeed Sophy as host of the Sunday morning politics show. He is looking forward to working with the knowledgeable Sky team given the impending important elections on a national and international level. When “Sophy Ridge on Sunday” was cancelled, Ridge broke the news on Twitter and expressed her shock and thanks for hosting the show. She emphasised how much she loved the event and thanked her fans for incorporating it into their Sunday ritual. More interviews will be featured on her upcoming new show on Sky News, which will air every weeknight at 7 p.m.

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Sophy Ridge

The wider restructure of Sky’s news programmes led to Sophy Ridge leaving “Sophy Ridge on Sunday.” Various modifications were made as a result of the restructuring, including the splitting of Ian King Live into two half-hour broadcasts that are now referred to as Business Live. In addition, Sky News Today underwent changes and now airs from 12 to 5 pm as part of the broader restructuring. Ridge was raised in a teaching household and was born in Richmond upon Thames, London. Her younger sibling is present. She completed a work-study programme with the tabloid newspaper News of the World during her final year, which led to her enrollment in their graduate training programme.

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