WATCH: Port Charlotte Alligator Attack Video New Graphic Footage Surfaced Online

Shock waves are blowing from Florida when an alligator attacked a man and ripped off his arm. The reptile almost removed his arm during the attack. Reportedly, the brutal attack of the gator on a man was caught on camera. The video shows the man screaming out in pain after the brutal attack by the big reptile. The alligator armed his teeth and attacked the young boy. Since this news broke out, it has been trending on every news channel. Social media has been flooded with warning and caution posts following the incident. Meanwhile, netizens have been left with ample questions regarding the incident. In the following sections of this article, we have discussed all the imperative aspects of this news. We have gathered all the updated facts and points regarding the same headline. You should stick with this page and must go through this article till the end. Drag down the page.

Port Charlotte Alligator Attack Video

Port Charlotte Alligator Attack Video

Who is the victim? Reportedly, the man who was attacked by a big reptile is known as Jordan Rivera. According to reports, Jordan Rivera was flailing his arms in the water but he collapsed in the water and got attacked by the gator. However, his friends dragged him out of the water but by the time they took Jordan Rivera out of the water, his arm had nearly gone. The big reptile ripped off his arm. The aftermath visuals of the incident were horrifying. Scroll down the page.

Jordan Rivera is 23 years of age. He can be seen screaming out in pain. After the incident, Jordan Rivera fell unconscious due to blood loss. However, his buddies tried their best to stop bleeding until the emergency services arrived and took him to a hospital. According to the reports, Jordan Rivera has completely lost his one arm. The incident occurred on Sunday morning in Florida. Drag down the page and read more about it.

Jordan Rivera was at a pond behind Banditos Bar in Port Charlotte, Florida. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the incident could have been a lot worse. A local resident Manny Hidalgo said, “He was yelling and swimming toward the shoreline. I ran and dragged him up onto the sand. I was scared to get close to the water because it was dark out.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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