Who Is Natally Garcia? Mesquite ISD teacher arrested, charged with 4 counts of endangering child

A shocking turn of events came to know that a middle school teacher was arrested for encouraging students to gith each other. In addition, the teacher was also fired from the job. This incident is a matter of Mesquite ISD Middle School where a substitute teacher allegedly encouraged students to fight each other during class. What is the name of the substitute teacher at Mesquite ISD Middle School, who was fired, arrested, and charged for allegedly encouraging students to fight during class? It is certain that numerous questions are prevailing among netizens regarding the same. However, we have discussed all the aspects of this story. All the queries related to this news headline will be responded to. Kindly stick with this page and must go through the following section. Scroll down the page.

Natally Garcia Mesquite ISD teacher arrested

Who Is Natally Garcia? Mesquite ISD teacher arrested

According to the reports, the substitute teacher who is charged with encouraging children to fight is identified as Natally Garcia. In addition, mugshots of Natally Garcia also have been released. What are the charges against her? Reportedly, substitute teacher Natally Garcia has been charged with four counts of endangering a child confirmed by a district spokesperson after recovering a video of the incident. Scroll down the page and read more details.

A spokesperson said that a video showing fights in a classroom at Kimbrough Middle School was recovered by them on Thursday. However, they have started an investigation into this matter. He further added, “Our investigation revealed that this substitute teacher encouraged students to fight each other during class, outlined rules for the students to follow, and even instructed a student to monitor the classroom door while the fights took place,” Reportedly, Natally Garcia had been working as a substitute teacher for the district since March 6.

But her intolerable and appalling actions led the district to fire her from the job. However, Natally Garcia passed all background checks and had strong references. As per the source, the incident has been referred to as the Mesquite Police Department and she would be charged with criminal charges. In addition, the administration called the parents of each student on Thursday to inform them of the matter and the school’s response to it. The school stated that we share the disgust that the families of the students in the class must feel. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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