Shameer Goolabjith Arrested: Durban Lawyer Jailed For 3 Years For Fraud

This is to inform you that an attorney from Durban has been sentenced to jail over a falsified claim worth R100,000. According to the reports, the attorney was found guilty of falsifying a claim that dates back to 2015. He was sent to jail in an old case that was basically to sue the Minister of Police. Since this news broke out people of South Africa have been curious to know who is the attorney and what was the matter. In this article, we have discussed all the important aspects related to this news. In the following sections, you will get to know this matter in detail so be sticky with this page and must go through the following sections of this article. Drag down the page.


Shameer Goolabjith Arrested

The attorney who was sent to jail for falsifying a claim is known as Shameer Goolabjith. He is a 41 years old attorney from Durban. Shameer Goolabjith was found guilty of falsifying a claim while representing his complainant. Reportedly, the complaint was filed to sue the Minister of Police and claim estimated at R100,000. Meanwhile, the Durban attorney was found guilty of falsifying a claim purportedly on behalf of a complainant. Scroll down the page and read more details.

A spokesperson for the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) named Natasha Ramkisson Kara said that Shameer Goolabjith falsified a claim without any instruction or informing his client. The spokesperson further added, “the potential prejudice of the claim is estimated at R100,000” Now this news has taken over the internet and making headlines. In fact, it would be a lesson for many legal representatives. Get more details associated with this story in the following section. Swipe down the page.

As mentioned, the claim he falsified was made in 2015. For an old false claim attorney, Shameer Goolabjith was sent to jail. According to the reports, he has been sentenced to jail for five years including two years wholly suspended. As per the reports, Nkululeko Frank Msiya who is the senior public prosecutor presented the testimonies of the complainant and his spouse. In addition, the senior public prosecutor also presented the evidence after an effective search warrant. Meanwhile, attorney Shameer Goolabjith was found guilty of falsifying a claim estimated at R100,000. The complaint was against the Minister of Police. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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