Is DEDE 3X Arrested? Is Amy Fisher Still In Jail?

Dede 3X is an American YouTuber. The recent news showed that he was arrested for murder charges against him. Is he arrested? Fans want to know about him in detail. Let us get more details about the Incidence. Keep reading the article for more details.

DEDE 3X Arrested

Is DEDE 3X Arrested?

Dede 3X is rumored to be in jail. There is no confirmation about the arrest yet. Fans are commenting on his posts about him being arrested.

Other videos from BadKid Shaderoom also say he is to be arrested. The video put by BadKid Shaderoom titled ‘Dede 3X Arrested For M…?

We cannot confirm the incident until we get any of the details from the officials. The rumors are becoming more viral as he has not posted anything on his Instagram account since 3 January 2023.

Many people commenting on his posts claims to have video of murder and arrest. Let us have more details about Dede 3X in detail.

Who Is Dede 3X?

Dede 3X is a popular rapper. He started his journey in his early teens. By the age of 17, he became popular among the viewers.

He started his YouTube channel with the name GTA V. His gaming videos got a lot of attention from the viewers.

He gained a lot of subscribers from his gaming videos. He was at 100k subscribers when he started involving in rap.

He started spending more time with friends who were interested in rapping. He learned from them and started practicing.

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He got featured on the Funny Mike YouTube channel many times. His recent video is doing a fabulous job. The video reached 10 million views in February 2023.

Current Age Of Dede 3X:

Dede 3X was born on 15 February 2006. He is going to turn seventeen this year. He is still a minor. Even if he would be arrested, chances are his punishment shifts after eighteen years.

Education And Family Background Of Dede 3X:

He was also interested in modeling and fashion. His passion for singing and creating new raps was always there from an early age.

He wanted to be a celebrity. Being a dropout, the rapper always focuses on creative aspects of life. The young rapper is dedicated to his work.

The authorities have not responded about the case and arrest yet. We don’t have much information about the case till now. We will update you as the case progress.

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