Lsu Gymnastics Olivia Dunne fans calm after previous wild LSU scenes

The short making video app “Tiktok” always creates a lot of controversy on social media. This platform also generated many trending videos and circulate many viral videos. Sometimes few users create quite controversial content which led the app to ban their accounts. There are many users whose accounts have got banned due to their controversial content and now one more name has been added whose account has recently got banned.

Lsu Gymnastics Olivia Dunne

As per the reports, the latest banned account belongs to a sports personality and since her followers and fans got to know about this they instantly looked to know the reason behind it. There are many people who want to know whose account has banned and what is the actual reason behind it. According to the reports, LSU Gymnast Olivia Dunne has allegedly been banned from a short video-making app. The Tiktok account of the gymnast has disappeared from the platform.


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Olivia Dunne is a popular social media influencer and several people follow her. She attained her fan following from Tiktok and after that, she gets popular on other social media platforms as well. This 20-year-old is making a huge amount of 7 figures in NIL money at LSU. On Tiktok she had 6.6 million followers and on Instagram, and she has accumulated 2.7 followers on Instagram. She is allegedly the highest-paid women athlete in college sports.

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She is quite popular and due to that LSU has been forced to appoint a security guard to follow her in order to stay away from stupid admirers away. According to the reports, her account on Tiktok which started her rise to fame in the 1st place, cryptic disappeared. As per the media reports, all of the videos that she has posted since the month of August vanished last night, which gymnast called a “glitch”. Olivia Dunne also made a Tweet related to this banned as she stated that “It is a glitch. I do not know what is wrong with my account at this moment.”

After some time she again tweeted and informed her fans that her account has reportedly been banned from Tiktok. Her followers instantly searched on Tiktok but they could not find her account there. Though only her Tiktok account is banned and she is still available on Instagram. Her Instagram user id is @livvydunne and her fans can check her lovely photos on this account. It is yet not known why her account has been banned on social media. We are trying to find the reason for it. Meanwhile, the gymnast has allegedly come back to practice after many weeks.

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