Letter Bomb Man Arrested: Spanish Police Arrest Man Suspected In 2022 Parcel-Bomb Case

Recent sources say that a 74-year-old man has sent letter bombs to high-profile personalities. Letter Bombs are small devices that can go into any packaging. They are explosive. But why he tries to kill high profile? You will get every detail about the happening. Keep reading this article for more information. The man belongs to Miranda Del Ebro, Spain. It is said to send to Ukraine. There were six bombs at Ukrainian agencies that were defused by security. One man gets injured in this incident. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Letter Bomb Man Arrested

Letter Bomb Man Arrested

The man has been arrested, but the punishment is not announced by the court yet. He will be charged soon for his actions. Police are not able to understand the intentions of the man yet. The police are trying to get answers from him, and an investigation is going on by the Ukrainian government. The man was arrested on Wednesday. He is in prison for 24 hours. If he is found guilty, he will have to spend 15 years more in jail. People want to know why he did this. Every detail about the situation will be provided in this article.

He was a citizen of Spain. The investigators found that he has been doing so following a Russian agency. The bomb was sent to the Ukrainian embassy and found in Madrid in November 2022. The court will decide after going through every document in detail. If we talk about the man, he used to work at a town hall in Victoria Gasteiz. He is retired now. Police say that a single person cannot do this, and a group of people were involved. Police are not disclosing anything about the incident yet. Many people are eager to get complete information about the incident.

The tension has been going on among the countries like Spain, Russia, and Ukraine for a long time. What will happen next? Will they all settle for peace soon? Everyone wants peace. No one is eager to destroy their kingdom. Let us see what happens next. We all hope to see countries full of freedom and joy again. He is in jail for 24 hours. People want the court to have a fast decision on the matter. The Russian Police will soon take out every aspect of the situation. It’s been two months since the incident. Stay connected for more information.

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