Hamas To Delay Second Round Of Hostage: Israel-Hamas Truce

Here we are going to share the news with you about the Israel-Hamas Truce. We all are aware of the war of both countries. This war has shaken the entire world. Many people were trapped in this war and they were not able to go back to their houses. However, things are getting better and both countries are trying to make things good. On the second day of the ongoing, Hamas delayed of hostage release and demanded aid trucks entry into Gaza. What happened? What is the entire matter behind the news? Let’s continue the article.

Israel-Hamas truce

Hamas To Delay Second Round Of Hostage

According to the report, on the second day of the ongoing Israel-Hamas truce, an announcement was made by the Palestinian militant group to delay the second round of hostage releases until Israel is committed to letting aid trucks enter northern Gaza. The statement was launched by Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades on the day of Saturday when the hostage launch would be delayed if Israel did not accept the terms and conditions for the free of Palestinian prisoners. As we have no both countries have faced problems and many problems will come in this condition. Now, let’s see how both countries will handle this.

Hamas To Delay Second Round Of Hostage

According to the collected report, there is no response from Israel to the published statement by the Hamas armed wing. A spokesperson shared to France’s BFM television station earlier in the day, reported to news agency Reuters that Except for last-minute changes, 13 hostages of Israel were expected to come out from their Hamas custody. People were waiting for the 13 people but the last change changed everything in just a few minutes. The news came that the  39 Palestinian prisoners would be released in exchange for 13 Israeli hostages and would be released.

Furthermore, The two sides were ready to come to a truce deal after Qatar’s mediation. As per the deal, 50 hostages are to be exchanged for 150 Palestinian prisoners over four days. Some Palestinian prisoners have been sentenced on weapon charges and violent offenses. As per the report, 13 Israeli women and kids were freed on the day of Friday in exchange for 24  Palestinian women and 15 teenagers. Hamas had noticed 240 hostages on a killing spree in southern Israel on the day of 7 October. The delay process in the second round became a controversial topic for everyone and it is increasing stress in the minds of people. Let’s see what will be the decision. Stay tuned for more updates.

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