Ragazzo Treno Video: Boy Thrown Against The Train By Two Peers

A horrifying video recently surfaced on social media platforms that are enough to give goosebumps. The video is showing the murder scene of a person who was thrown onto the train. This is not a scene in the film in fact it has actually happened and that is why people are getting curious about it. There are many people who also sympathize with the family of the victim and they are sending their condolences to them. Apart from it, most people want to know the reason for it and get curious to get the details. Scroll down to know more insight into this viral video. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Ragazzo Treno Video

Ragazzo Treno Video Explained

This disturbing video was first posted on Twitter in which a boy can be seen thrown into the rain by two individuals of his age. Before pushing him, they were arguing with each other and suddenly they pushed him. The entire scene has been captured in the video and many people are getting shocked after watching it. However, the images are blurred but still depict the entire horrifying scene. This video is available on multiple platforms to watch and several are even sharing it with each other. Those who have not watched the video but heard the case want the link to it.

What Exactly Is Depicted In The Video?

In the viral video, a group of boys was seen standing next to the railway tracks prior to that one of them pushes the other person when the train was passing. This incident occurred at Seregno station which is located in Italy and police have lodged the case and detained two teens. One of the suspect teens is 14 years old and another one is 15 years old. The names of both of them are not out due to the investigation.

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As soon as the incident happened, people who were present at the railway station rushed toward the victim in order to help him. However, they were late and the boy already lost his life. This incident was recorded in the Surveillance camera of the railway station. Not many details of the case are out and no particular websites or news channels are covering this news and which is why we are not able to share the much details of the case. Our sources are looking to find more information about it and as soon as we find anything we will mention it here.

The name of the victim, as well as the suspect, is not out. However, there are some reports which are stating that the boy was saved by the commuters. Now both statements are contradictory and that is why we don’t know what exactly has happened. As of now, we can only say that be connected with us and we will shortly come back with the exact details.

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