Oeuvre Fuck Abstraction: A painting by Miriam Cahn exhibited in Paris is controversial

Everything is an art and we need to respect the artists. The vision of artists, poets, and writers is completely different from ours and that is why sometimes we get confused that what they actually trying to say through their works. However, sometimes their works bring a lot of controversies and force people to criticize them and that is why it is necessary to understand their work before making any comment. Though the matter is different in the case of Miriam Cahn as the work of this Swiss artist is creating a lot of controversy on social media and many people are criticizing her.

Oeuvre Fuck Abstraction

Oeuvre Fuck Abstraction

She recently made a painting that she named “Fuck Abstraction”. This work of a Swiss artist represents the individual with their hands tied, forced to perform fellation. Those who have watched this painting are claiming that the person depicted in the painting is actually a child. In Switzerland, the International Committee for the Dignity of the Child (CIDE) stated it was “deeply stunned” by the work of this artist.

Oeuvre Fuck Abstraction

The French reporter turned-politician, Caroline Parmentier has made a Tweet regarding this controversial painting and posted the video of it along with the caption that reads, “At the Palais de Tokyo, I denounce this painting by Miriam Cahn which presents a scene of pedo crimes for all to see. In the name of child protection, as a member of the Children’s Rights Delegation, I ask the Minister of Culture that he be taken down.” The painting actually shows a man who is standing in front of the kid and the kid was bowing down his hands are seen tied and the man forcing the child to give oral s*x.

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Oeuvre Fuck Abstraction

This is the main reason that the painting is getting criticism and many people and social activists are requesting to take down the painting. Her controversial painting is the subject of the petition made online calling for its removal and the petition has accumulated around 8,500 signatures at the time of writing. However, after watching so much backlash and criticism the artist came fore and talked about her vision while making this painting. The artist cited in the press release from the Parisian museum that “They are not kids. My painting deals with the way in which se*uality is used as a weapon of battle, as a crime against humanity.” Well as of now, we just only have this many details about this case or the controversy but we are hoping to fetch more information and to know that the readers need to be with us and we will be back soon.

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