Pathan OTT Release Date, OTT Platform Rights Sold For Amazon Prime Video

Pathan is a new movie starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. YRF Spy Universe is the production house. The movie is set to Pathan OTT Release Date. You will get complete information about your favorite movie OTT release in this article. The Pathan movie features a guy, Pathan. He is a spy who is on a mission to save India from the attack. He is supported by a female soldier. The female lead is Deepika Padukone with male lead is Shahrukh Khan. John Abraham is acting as the villain. Will they both succeed in the mission to save India? To know more about the story, watch Pathaan in the theatres now. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Pathan OTT Release Date

Pathan OTT Release Date

Pathaan is performing well in the cinemas. The best part is it has crossed all the limits of first-day earning worldwide. It’s been two days since the movie was released. The Gross earnings of the movie are ₹219.60 Crores. It is the best start a movie can make. The movie is released worldwide covering different countries.

Records Set By Pathaan:

The movie has set new records. It receives the title of ‘Widest Hindi Release’. It is the highest first-day earnings for all the actors and YRF production.

Pathan OTT Release Date

‘PATHAAN’: ₹ 313 CR WORLDWIDE *GROSS* IN 3 DAYS… #Pathaan is the FASTEST #Hindi film to breach ₹ 300 cr mark [GROSS] in *3 days*… WORLDWIDE [#India + #Overseas] *Gross* BOC… *3 days*…  #India: ₹ 201 cr  #Overseas: ₹ 112 cr  Worldwide Total *GROSS*: ₹ 313 cr
Pathan OTT Release Date
Pathan OTT Release Date:

Pathaan will release after three months on the OTT platforms. You can watch it on OTT Platforms from 25 April 2023 onwards.

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Pathan OTT Platform Rights Sold For

You can watch Pathaan on Amazon Prime. We hope for the best of the movie on OTT platforms too.

Pathan OTT Release Date

People are eager to watch the movie on the ITT platforms. Those who have already watched are claiming the movie in the must-watch category. You should watch it once either in cinemas or on OTT. The film was released on Wednesday. It covered 5,000 plus cinemas in India. Although it was not released on Fridays. It is released on a working day, and even then it breaks records.

YRF Spy Universe All Releases:

YRF has had four releases till now. This includes movies such as “EkTha Tiger”, “Zinda Hai Tiger”, “War”, and “Pathaan”. All the movies have been blockbuster releases. The movie is good overall. It has a great storyline. It will be interesting to see this week’s performance of the movie. It has crossed all the boundaries in just two days. You will get all updates about your favorite movies on our website. Keep reading the articles for more details. Thank you for reading the article.

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