Longest Uber Ride In Africa, influencer uber ride from johannesburg to cape town

It is not easy to get popular on social media. It takes a lot of time, a creative mind, and consistency to be in the race of getting popular on social media. It is easy to hit the bar but quite tough to maintain the place and that is why many social media influencers and content creators try to bring new content so that their audience can never get bored. Most content creators usually stick to one genre but explore or add new things with their similar format and their audience never gets bored of them. It is easy to get popular on social media but quite tough to maintain popularity and that is why every time a creator presents a new type of content.

Longest Uber Ride In Africa

Longest Uber Ride In Africa

Everyone is using Youtube these days from a kid to an old man and surely they have their own favourite star in their watching list. “Ah, Mozisi” is one such popular Youtuber who has made a name for himself as a social media content creator who recorded the epic ride. There is no doubt that his latest video will make amazed everyone and proves how kilometers they can use Uber. Usually, uber rides travel in particular listed areas but we usually don’t about those areas as we usually take the ride to reach our decided destination. But this social media influencer decided to find that how long an Uber driver can ride and with this motive, he established a record of the longest Uber ride in Africa.

Longest Uber Ride In Africa

Uber Ride From Johannesburg To Cape Town

Though don’t forget to try this thing as it can empty your pocket. The influencer gets his money with the number of views but you would not be able to do that so just enjoy watching that video and keep on reading this blog. The latest video of Ah Mozisi” has gone viral on social media and pulled a lot of attention as the influencer wanted, this video is causing a lot of stir on social media and helping him to add more and more subscribers and followers. Now speaking about the video, the influencer recorded the epic 1400km Uber ride taken in the month of March from Joburg to Cape Town.

He posted this video on Tiktok and as of now, it has gotten more than 27000 likes. People are quite amazed at it and call it the “craziest thing” which himself influencer has stated that he has ever done it. The local Tiktokker has documented his epic Uber ride from Jozi all the way to his hometown. In the viral video, Ah Mozisi asserts the trip has been done prior to using the e-hailing platform and is the longest Uber trip ever taken in this continent. The real name of the influencer is Mozisi Tsoanelo Moyo who has made his name on Tiktok and as of now, he has added 3.3 million followers on the popular social media app.

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