3 Arrested James Town alleged sale of drugs UG 18 Arrested

There are many youths who are involved in serious crimes. Despite knowing that they are ruining their future but still they are doing such crimes. Don’t know from where they are getting influenced or whom they are following and spoiling their future as well as career. A recent case has been lodged on minors who are detained over the case of drugs. This case is now a great topic of discussion and everyone is only talking about it. According to the reports, the Police of James Town has detained 3 individuals who claimed to have been involved in the sale of drugs.


3 Arrested James Town

They were selling drugs to young people in James Town located in Accra. The police released information about the suspects who are identified as Awal Iddrisu, Alhassan Yakubu, and Alhassan Dala. All these 3 criminals come up prior to an Accra Circuit Court, facing a charge of prohibited business connecting to narcotic drugs. The report states that the court, administrated by Mrs. Susana Eduful preserved the place of suspected people because the narcotic drugs suspected to be cannabis Sativa has been sent for examination into the Forensic Lab.

The court further added that it has though, admitted the blamed people to bail in the sum of GH¢80,000 with 3 guarantors. These guarantors should be the family members of these suspects. As per the Court, the guarantors should be within its administration. Now the case has been postponed to 5th April 2023. The prosecution, directed by Inspector Ebenezer Teye Okuffo, narrated that on 6th January 2023, the James Town Police Command detained the 3 blamed based on the details that one of the accused detained (Alhassan Yakubu) was administering in a ghetto and reportedly selling narcotics drugs to the youth in the area.

It states after the young people had taken those drugs, “they disturbed the general public by grabbing their mobile phones and other expensive things.” According to the reports, the prosecution stated the cops detained the 3 accused individuals and at the time of the search around 65 sachets of dried leaves were alleged to be narcotic drugs not only this, but the police also recovered cash of GH₵590 for them. As per the prosecution, the suspects were discovered smoking narcotic drugs. The prosecution stated Yakubu asserted the possession of the drugs as well as cash stating the money was the sales he had made at the time of his detain. Now the case is in court and the police are still investigating the matter. Police are trying to apprehend more such criminals who are selling drugs to young people and spoiling their careers as well.

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