Benjamin Briere Parents: Meet French blogger Family

In this article, we have unfolded the personal details of a French traveler and blogger named Benjamin Briere. We have come up with this column because there are a large number of people who have been seeking details about him ever since the Iranian authorities arrested him. Do you why was Benjamin Briere arrested by Iranian authorities? If not, this article will let you know what happened a couple of years back that led the French blogger to get arrested. In addition, we will also talk about who is Benjamin Briere’s parents and who is his sister. Lots of noteworthy details have been given in the following sections. After doing in-depth research we published this column. You should stick with this page and must read all the following sections. Kindly scroll down the page and explore the details.

Benjamin Briere

Benjamin Briere Parents

As mentioned, Benjamin Brière is a traveler and blogger who hails from France. In May 2020, he was arrested by Iranian authorities for flying a drone near the border with Turkmenistan. This is why the Iranian authorities detained him and charged him with photography in a prohibited area, posting on social media questioning Iranian laws that mandate the hijab for women, and using a recreational drone in a natural park. Later charges for spying and propaganda were also levied on him, but charges of corruption on earth and alcoholism were dropped following an investigation. However, the blogger was found guilty of “cooperation with states hostile to Iran” but was not informed of the charge.

Benjamin Briere
Benjamin Briere Sister

Let’s explore the details of Benjamin Brière’s personal life. Briere, his sister expressed relief on May 12, 2023, when her brother was granted bail by the Iranian authorities. He served a long time in Iranian captivity as he was captured back in May 2020. His sister said Benjamin Brière’s release was a long-awaited outcome for the family. Now her family is eyeing to recover Benjamin Brière after his harrowing experience. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Benjamin Briere

One more hostage was also released, Irish-Frenchman Bernard Phelan. His sister sought privacy and time for Bernard Phelan to recover. She said the last three years had been extremely difficult for him and her family. Benjamin Brière and Bernard Phelan were arrested by Iranian authorities, and now both have been released. Emmanuel Macron, the French President confirmed the news on May 12, 2023. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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