Fact check: Is Jenny Mollen Pregnant In 2023? Miscarriage and pregnancy update

Fans is interested to learn. By 2023, is Jenny Mollen expecting a child? Below is a report on her miscarriage and a health update. A well-known author, actor, and social media influencer is Jenny Mollen. Sid was born in 2014, and Lazlo was born in 2017. She is married to actor Jason Biggs, and the couple has two sons together. In the sections that follow, we’ll look at the most recent details regarding Jenny Mollen’s pregnancy and current state of health.

Jenny Mollen

Is Jenny Mollen Pregnant in 2023?

Rumors that Mollen was expecting her third child early in 2023 first surfaced. Mollen was reportedly seen with what some people mistook for a baby bulge, according to several news websites. The couple’s impending parenthood was apparently confirmed by a source who knew them. However, MediaMass announced on July 16, 2023, that it appears that this story is untrue. Mollen has been candid in the past about her battles with infertility and miscarriage. When dating Jason Biggs, Mollen experienced two miscarriages, which she revealed in a series of pictures she posted on her Instagram Story in September 2022. Chrissy Teigen, according to Mollen, gave her the motivation to publish her posts.

In September 2020, Mrs. Teigen disclosed the abortion that saved her baby son Jack’s life and the subsequent loss of the child. Two miscarriages between her and Jason occurred during our relationship. The first occurred during the start of their romance, and the second occurred during the epidemic. Both times, she obtained medical attention for an abortion and a D&C. She was also quite appreciative to reside in a nation where it was feasible to do so twice. Abortions, according to Mollen, are “important to understand” since they “save lives and are vital.” She said that it’s outrageous that lawmakers who are ignorant of how human bodies work are enacting laws to govern them.

Mollen has been candid about her health concerns as well as her struggles with miscarriage. Five months after giving birth to her son Lazlo by C-section, Mollen experienced a significant weight loss. She didn’t disclose this problem to anyone until she told her fans about it in April 2018. She had a huge golf ball-sized lump in her neck one morning when she woke up. She underwent blood work and an ultrasound, and throughout the weekend she awaited the findings. She had excellent grounds to think it was some form of hyperthyroidism even if she wasn’t positive. This seems to be typical among women after giving birth.

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