Fact check: Is Blood Knight coming to Diablo 4?

With the release of Season of the Malignant, the first season for Diablo IV, fans can now experience a tonne of brand-new content. The Blood Knight class for Diablo Immortal was unveiled during the developer update livestream that was held on July 6 along with the Season One of Diablo’s release date and duration. But will the Blood Knight class also be available in Diablo IV? We are here to inform you of this.

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Is Blood Knight coming to Diablo 4?

Sadly, the Season of the Malignant patch will not include the Blood Knight class, which is currently only available in Diablo Immortal. The Blood Knight will only be available on Diablo Immortal on July 13; Blizzard published Diablo on mobile in 2022. The class is entirely new to the Diablo series and has never been seen in a game before. Since the introduction of the Crusader class in 2014, this is the first new class. You need to check out Diablo Immortal if you wish to play as a Blood Knight. Although they are not vampires but rather vampire hunters’ abominations who have changed as a result of vampire bites the Blood Knight is a mid-range class with a vampiric flair.

Best Necromancer Build Diablo 4

As a melee hybrid class, they take advantage of the darkness and can wield polearms, daggers, or spears to slice, skewer, and savage adjacent adversaries as part of their Blood Knight talents. You can either create a new character to play as the new unholy abomination class in Diablo Immortal, which is available on Android and PC, or you can use the Class Change system to convert an existing character to a Blood Knight. Even though the Blood Knight won’t be included in the upcoming season of Diablo, there will still be new material.

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Necromancer Builds Diablo 4

As you gather Malignant Hearts to strengthen your seasonal character and aid Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light, in stopping the spread of the malignancy that is corrupting the land of Sanctuary following Lilith’s defeat, The Season of the Malignant will feature new gameplay, legendary items, and gear.  Any of the existing classes from Diablo IV, including Necromancer, Rogue, Druid, Barbarian, and Sorcerer/Sorceress, are playable in the new season. Unfortunately, no additional classes have been confirmed to be on the horizon for Diablo IV, but there’s still time for more to appear since the game has only just begun. You need to check out Diablo Immortal if you wish to play as a Blood Knight.

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